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  1. I super dislike it actually. I think that minimalism is a much better aesthetic. The gamer-aesthetic is too vibrant and busy IMO.
  2. yeah im in the same boat. hopefully Canvas will come to Kat or SA
  3. ayyy a fellow custom keyboard user! I can see you like XDA Canvas
  4. Im going to post my vintage keyboard stuff I bought 2 IBM Pingmasters, one which I converted to TMK (a keyboard programming software) and the other I harvested the switches and keycaps from to create a vintage styled 60% keyboard in an Aluminium case. Converted Pingmaster: "Pingmaster" 60%:
  5. SlipperyPete


    I use it almost daily. Seems very quick to me
  6. Hey guys. I used to be pretty active on this forum a few years back, and then about a year ago I mostly vacated the forums. I ended up becoming more invested in custom keyboards and gravitated to those forums instead. But im back now, at least for a bit. Some of you I recognize and some I don't, but i look forward to getting to know all of you, either for the first time or again. I was curious about what I had missed. Not so much in PC hardware because I have still been following it loosely, but with things like this forum, Floatplane and LTT in general. Any
  7. wow I forgot all about this project. Is it still being worked on @rossbin?
  8. Ive had -Ipod Shuffle -Ipod touch 4th gen -Iphone 5 I enjoyed all of them. I later discovered I was more of an Android boy (although if apple gives me a good reason ill go back). I also don't have a use for an Ipod anymore cause I carry my phone everywhere
  9. any of these make sure you confirm on the product page it supports socket lga 1151 before purchase https://pcpartpicker.com/products/cpu-cooler/#h=14000000,56000000&c=30
  10. if you have some alright soldering skills you could make your own keyboard. there are kits available that allow you to achieve a split board like the Quefrency.
  11. yeah the masterkeys line of keyboards are pretty damn good, and for 65$ thats a steal
  12. same. its a fantastic printer for the price
  13. If your willing to step into the custom space than tenkeyless wireless boards with rbg, blutooth and LI batteries do exist
  14. The speeds are actually limited by Google themselves. They hace a data cap so LMG has slowed the upload speed to match the data cap. No matter how fast their personal network speed is, the bottleneck is google