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  1. 1. Clear all print jobs, restart PC, and try printing again 2. Be patient, it takes some time for the printer to start printing 3. Buy original ink from Epson (not 3rd party) ones if your color doesn't come out correctly Don't personally own epson printers, but I have used them before a long time ago, and they do waste on ink, when it comes to cleaning. Go another brand of printer or get a laser, so it uses toner. They do have color laser ones if you need to print in color.
  2. Your game or the movie you want to watch, needs to support it, that means have to change the audio from stereo to 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound for it to work.
  3. Would be nice if you specify what those problems are. My HP deskjet still work to this day, had it when I got my very first PC, which was a Pentium 3. One problem with them is, the inks are way too expensive, even for a printer that's so old. I rarely print these days so having no ink, isn't a big deal. Can look at laser printers, they use toner so ink is in dry powder form, therefore it won't dry out. I don't know if they still have now, back then Xerox has printers where its ink cartridge is actually comes in as a ink block. it melts the amount needed for whatever you
  4. Don’t own a Mac but I do like the usefulness of the Touch Bar where is changes based on the program that person is using. I bet majority of the users who are happy with the removal never used it or don’t know how to use it properly. Fun keys shows up when you press the fn button.
  5. No need to upgrade, your system can handle CP2077. The only thing that's looking to upgrade is your 1070, but without turning on ray tracing, even the 1070 can handle the game.
  6. He did a few storage videos and mentions contents won't be deleted from their servers. Running out of storage Buy more storage!
  7. Both are in the same building, the only thing that's separating them is the stripe of blue tape that's on the floor. They even showed it in a vlog a while back.
  8. NumLock21


    Twice More and More Xmas edition
  9. I used both, but it's the 21st century and RGB has been a thing for a while, so I thought why not use it to serve a purpose, instead of filling a case with rainbow colors.
  10. My motherboard does have always on USB since my keyboard RGB light stays on, even when my PC is turned off. I did find some 120mm fans that came with a RGB controller, where the controller has a USB port on it, but that USB port on the controller isn't for powering the RGB. I did look at some USB powered RGB light strips, and yep they are mainly rubbish. I was hoping some well known brands like Phanteks, CM, Cosair, etc will make them that can be powered via USB. Some decent length (not those 6ft ones) RGB light strips that's magnetic and can power via USB with a controller will be nice.
  11. My very first OS was WinMe. Ran smooth and rarely had any BSODs.
  12. So my case doesn't have a side panel window and my board does not have any RGB headers, but I'm looking for some 120mm ARGB, RGB, or DRGB fans that would let me control the lights on the fans, even when my PC is turned off. Reason for that is, so I can used the lights on the fans as interior lighting, when I'm working on the inside of my PC, instead of using the LED on my phone as a flash light. I'll mainly be using white LED, but having RGB will be nice. Does those type of fans exist? Many thanks for your help
  13. That's a possibility. But did you try to reload the page after the crash? Yes, then that would consider as a refresh.
  14. Never refresh after clicking on submit order, it will cause them to charge you twice for 1 card. You'll have to contact Zotac or your bank and let them know about it. This isn't just Zotac's site that's bad, all sites are like this, even when there is no heavy traffic.
  15. Interested in building your own PC, then go right ahead, but I wouldn't recommended someone else to build it on their own, when they're not comfortable or don't have the time. They can go with pre builts, and choose what ever they think it's good for them.
  16. Can try another floppy disk or another floppy drive.
  17. Only had the small ones, and never the big ones, and cooking on a grill sounds really good.
  18. Most of them on the list, with the exception of Linus Tech Tips and Austin Evans, just covers tech on the consumer level, they don't really do deep dives, but that doesn't mean, they're not consider as Tech YouTubers. I watch most of them that's on the list, as well as others not on the list. One thing I don't do is, let them influence on my purchase decision.
  19. I can't say, that I like or hate anchovies. I do eat fish, and anchovies is just another fish. What's great about anchovies is their sizes, they can be made into snacks, that's sold in some Asian supermarkets.
  20. What's the point of making them transparent, when they're mostly installed on roof tops and people will not seem them anyway. Do people actually go up to their roofs to stared at solar panels?!
  21. Differences is GN don't rely on cards provided by Nvidia, with the support of their Patreon, they're able to get their own and then review it.