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GTX 1050Ti FTW "Freedom Edition


Been working on this for a few weeks now. Since it's an integral part of my main rig (no iGPU, Xeons don't have them), I always have to find a right moment to do this stuff.


Link for main build is in my signature. Link for the previous thread on how to do the backplate is also there, too.


Like what I do? GPUs aren't the only thing. When I get a excuse to take apart my whole PC I'm doing the motherboard next...probably just the PCI/RAM/southbridge heatsink though.


It's not actually 'Freedom Edition', I just colored it to fit my build. A few of you don't like the red and blue color scheme, but if you Google search for "Izzet League" you'll instantly know why. The Izzet League are a bunch of inventors and creative types.


Images have been resized by 75% to fit within the 20mb limit of one post.












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So you painted it by yourself? It's super cool!

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