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  1. So i removed the social media apps, fully charged the phone and no change. Phone is noticably warm to the touch, even when it's been sitting unused for an hour.
  2. I'm running Accubattery which shows me battery usage of the highest draw apps, but it's the same high usage apps it always shows like facebook, twitter, baconreader, etc. These are all apps I've been running for years now, but it's only yesterday that my phone started using a quarter of the battery an hour.
  3. I have an app that is seriously killing my battery to the tune of 15-25% and hour screen off, more when screen on. No apps were installed or updated in the time period where it started doing this. I really need something akin to Windows Task manager that shows me cpu usage on a per app/service basis. I know Android 10 doesn't allow that, but I'm running Lineago OS on a rooted Essential PH-1, so I'm hoping someone here knows a good root task manager that shows me the info I need.