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  1. Mostly Star Citizen stuff. At the moment we are in a holding pattern while we wait for the Persistent Universe to get closer to completion, and our developers are more focused on getting a stable version of our app released than keeping content rolling. The back end of the site (the stuff you dont see) is the cool part. It hosts the API that powers the app, the discord bot, and and the massive database of awesomeness that helps keep us organized.
  2. We have a Discord server already. http://discord.uoltt.org/ It already has forum integration, as well as about 50 active members and a working ranking system. We even have our own app and website ( https://uoltt.org/ ). Our main focus is with the Star Citizen section of the site, but we really encompass all of the LTT community and not just that sub-forum. Feel free to join and chat us up. We are friendly.
  3. I did not know that. Thanks for the tip. Ill have to dig deeper into their services. I have only ever used their little stuff for small side projects
  4. I love Amazons platform. Its like the Apple of the servers world, a feature complete walled garden. I use them for my mission-critical stuff (clients who cannot afford downtime). I really like OVH though (they host this very forum, believe it or not). Their pricing is by far the best I have seen and their virtual rack service has a full 10GBE pipe. Their support really sucks though...
  5. That actually does make a bit of sense. If each virtual machine had "dedicated" hardware that would drive the cost up significantly. Is there any advantage to doing this vs normal? I have never had any slow-downs or speed issues with any other provider
  6. I have a bunch of servers hosted with many different companies, from OVH to DigitalOcean to Google and Amazon. I figured it wouldn't hurt to start consolidating to one platform so I asked around locally for hosting providers. I found a local datacenter that offers "Enterprise" grade VPS systems. To me this sounds like BS, but I thought to double check here. For example, if you were looking for 1 core and 2GB of ram that comes to (about) $4 for OVH, $10 for Google, and $14 for Amazon every month. With the local datacenter that would cost me $90/month plus a $200 sign-up
  7. https://uoltt.org/faq/account-linkage-how-to/ If you (or anyone else) has already done these steps let me know what email address you used to sign up was. Sometimes if people make spelling mistakes in their forum name I cannot find you to PM you your key
  8. Are you talking about the UOLTT site or the UOLTT RSI page? Im not sure who is in charge of the RSI page, but I do the UOLTT site (https://uoltt.org/) and it has been kept up to date (not really, but when I have time or volunteers it is)
  9. I figured it out. There was an extra single-quote hiding in the string, that even when encoded still caused JS to crap itself. All better now.
  10. I am making a form generator for work. When someone pushes a button it dynamically generates a html form, which needs to be returned to the user. I thought the simplest way to do this was to have an alert with the raw HTML form in its contents. I dont want the popup to contain a form, I want it to contain the literal unparsed HTML code.
  11. Here is my updated code, which still does not work. Maybe im missing something super simple? <a onclick="return confirm('&amp;lt;form method=&amp;quot;post&amp;quot; style=&amp;quot;margin-bottom: 0&amp;quot; action=&amp;quot;https://cartmanager.net/cgi-bin/cart.cgi&amp;quot;&amp;gt; &amp;lt;table border=&amp;quot;0&amp;quot; cellpadding=&amp;quot;0&amp;quot; cellspacing=&amp;quot;0&amp;quot;&amp;gt; &amp;lt;tr&amp;gt; &amp;lt;td colspan=&amp;quot;3&amp;quot; align=&amp;quot;center&amp;quo
  12. I am making a button, where once pressed displays an alert that contains HTML code. For example, this will print "hello!" <button onclick="return confirm('hello!')"> However, this will just make a mess instead of returning the literal "<form method="post"></form>": <button onclick="return confirm('<form method="post"></form>")> No matter what filters I apply to my HTML code, htmlspecialchars(), addslashes(), etc, I cannot seem to get it to work right. Any ideas?
  13. I guess that is the smarter thing to do. Damn you logic, why must you win every time!
  14. They are just buthurt. After I left them I asked if I could setup a small hosting company (this way I was not breaking non-compete agreements), and they laughed and said it would never work out but I was welcome to try my best. Very shortly after there was a mass-exodus of their clients onto my platform because I charged $80/month less then them for basic wordpress hosting. This is why I am trying to test sending data from a different address, maybe one they dont know belongs to me. This way I can keep make the client happy and be able to get their product to work again