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  1. At least in the transportation space it has happened before. The original Porsche 911 was model number 901 and they originally wanted to name it that but Peugeot has a trademark for 3 digit numbers with the 2nd digit being a 0 so Porsche had to go with 911 instead. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_901
  2. And you guys thought Comcast is evil ? Sounds about something DT would do and provides further proof to my hypothesis that every ISP needs to be evil. I’m fairly certain that they won’t be able to pull it off. I.e. how did BMW get away with naming their electric car i3 while Intel had that name on their processor for years? as @Trik'Stari mentioned it is possible to trademark a specific colour pigment and it is also possible to trademark a specific colour shade in your business area i.e. Kawasaki green in transportation, but that doesn’t stop you from selling green c
  3. I don’t think I ever used one personally but I do remember those as well ?
  4. Reminds me of the days when they sold GPUs by putting pretty girls on the box ... and that I’m old...
  5. self hosting still works so I'll definitely give it a shot. Discord has been pissing me off lately with their server shenanigans. Thanks for sharing ?
  6. we need to bring back wood on cars, I don't know why there isn't more around. Nice work ?
  7. Nvidia wont like this, on the other hand I wouldn’t be surprised if they send over some developers to implement it themselves, like they do with their gameworks stuff. But yeah, RTX is hard to run and a lot of simracers, especially the ones that can afford RTX will also run 4K TVs or triple monitor setups, so plenty of pixels need to be rendered.
  8. Hey guys, the local Star Citizen Organization got bored of their game and started to wander into sim racing, but since we only got 5 people for now we'd like to get some more people in to make the races more fun. So I'd like to invite you guys to our Assetto Corsa server to have some friendly races with us. Usually every 2-3 weeks we have a race with different cars on different tracks. All skill levels are welcome. Server Name: UOLTT AC Server Password: LTTC The current track is Laguna Seca and we're racing GT4s so Porsche Pack I, Red Pack and this free
  9. Is it just me or does this happen to Thrustmaster a lot? they look at something and go: "We can do that better and we will charge for it!" so they go out and make a better thing and charge more for it. People then start to accept that you have to pay the price and buy that new Thrustmaster product. New manufacturers look at this and ask: "People pay for that? Lets make it even better and charge more." so they go out and make an even better thing and charge a lot more for it. Cheap people now buy the cheap stuff and people who want the best buy the best they can get and Thustmaste
  10. Why did I read this title as in PCs dedicated to folding@home?
  11. Try to prop it up with something so it has an easier time breathing. As for the anti aliasing, no idea. Might be either the game or the driver overwriting the settings of the other.
  12. It’s either heat saturation on the coolers or the combination of HDD and 8GB of RAM. Depending on how long your laptop has been running for you might want to crack it open to give it a good cleaning. If it doesn’t improve things you might want to try this
  13. @rsgametechHoly thread necro batman! We almost managed to get a full year of nothing in here ? FPS got pretty good lately thanks to object container streaming. The citys are still a bit too large to get good frames but anywhere else you can reach 3 digit fps given enough graphics power or small enough resolution. Netcode still sucks and even on SSD you may have the occasional hiccup Content... is there... if you look close enough. You can make some money with cargo trading, racing nobody ever joins and therefore fail by default, ship or fps combat missions, and there are
  14. the idea was that the thermal pad would be used as TIM as well since that is what it's originally designed for, but like you pointed out the gained surface area might not be able to transfer much heat in the first place and even if most laptop coolers are optimized for specific die area anyway. This is about what I had in mind, thanks. I blame YouTube for spamming Linus' video