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  1. I have noticed recently that quite frequently my windows explorer jumps from the modest 90MB of memory consumption to 4GB of memory consumption. Unfortunately i can't pinpoint when this happens. Do you have any specific solutions for my problem other than, repair windows - reinstall windows etc P.S. After looking it up again i see that this time is taking 9GB of memory. I can free my memory by restarting explorer manually but until then i'm running on OOM problems and other programs crash.
  2. Even if that worked I doubt that my phone will be charged by the Ethernet cable.
  3. Thanks for the reply however this router in my country costs 120 euro so if you could suggest a cheaper one it would be even better!
  4. Even if i could do that, that would mean that i would had to have my PC on all the time.
  5. LoL bro we had the same question. What's the odds. I know it's called wireless bridge however if you google for routers with "wireless bridge" there will popup alot of small things with "WIFI bridge" that i doubt they even have a Ethernet port.
  6. Hi. I wanna use my phone as a hotspot, connect it to the router via 5Ghz WIFI and then the router must be able to provide internet via ethernet (at least 2 cables). In other words i want to convert 5Ghz wireless internet to wired. I know that DD-WRT firmware has this feature, unfortunately they don't support any of the routers i already have. Can you suggest some routers that have this feature?
  7. Nah i had forgot my SAMSUNG piece of #@$ TV that disconnects randomly on both of it's HDMI ports. I know it's the TV because it was disconnecting on one HDMI port then i switched to it's second and worked fine for some time and then started disconnect again on the second HDMI port too. And i wish that was it's only problem it's backlight is leaking like a #$%$#. If it wasn't so big and we didn't have a lockdown i would send it back.
  8. Windows do the USB connect disconnect sound (or disconnect connect) from time to time but i don't have any USB devices connected (except the mouse, my keyboard is PS/2) so i don't know what could it be. Event viewer shows nothing other than audit successes. Any clue of what could it be or how i could find out ?
  9. Yeah even now it shows half the speed on Ryzen. Obviously Microsoft has no interest on fixing that because you know that would make Windows better and that's certainty not their goal.
  10. So i did the (obvious) mistake to update windows 10, yeah i do that manually, and now my monitor instead of sleeping (turn off display from the power options menu) it displays a black screen with the backlight on. Any ideas ?