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    I just got a 1440p 144hz monitor and I can't get 144fps even on low settings in-game. What should I upgrade on my computer



    mobo: b250m bazooka

    I7 7700k

    gtx 1060 6gb

    16 gb ram

    500gb ssd


    And also I need something that is FCLGA1151 so that i don't need to replace motherboard

    1. GopherTv


      Should I upgrade to the rtx like 3060 ti or mabey upgrade my cpu to i7 9700k, those are the most common reccomendations i get

    2. Letgomyleghoe


      I would upgrade your gpu firsy

    3. GopherTv


      im just not sure because i have a 4 core cpu, will i be cpu bottlecked?

  2. If you have cooling issues with your dell xps special edition upgrade your intake and exhaust fans!! https://www.dell.com/community/XPS-Desktops/XPS-8930-SE-Exhaust-Fan-and-PSU-Upgrade/m-p/7311865/highlight/true#M24879
  3. That actually sounds good, I found a tutorial that shows how to do this, intake fans in the front, and an upgraded exhaust fan on top to help out the cup cooler.
  4. Ya I rly want a cooling upgrade but I'm not experienced in taking apart basically my ENRITE computer, do you know any cheap like installation services that could do the job of replacing my cpu cooler for me?
  5. also I did some googling and found out that intel liquid coolers exist, would this work mabey?https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/boards-kits/desktop-thermal-solutions/bxts13x.html
  6. In this video the guy has a build similar to mine but its alienware, he just leaves the bracket...? Im still a bit confused 18:22 he says "and the fact that these screw in, we do not have to take the motherboard out." From that what I inferred, which I may be wrong about, is that its a guess and test system going on????
  7. The case is very small so I wanted to get an aio, I was looking at the nzxt kraken m22, ML120L RGB V2, and the corsair h60. I just don't want to take apart my entire computer in order to install it so I need something that will be compatible with whatever mounting bracket is in my computer right now.
  8. I do some heavy overclocking and my dell prebuilt isn't great at cooling my overclocked i7 8700k cpu. There is no easy access to the back of the motherboard so how do I choose a cpu cooler so that I won't have to remove my motherboard and change the mounting bracket. My dell xps 8930 special edition prebuilt Specs: cpu: i7 8700k gpu: gtx 1080 ram: 4x16gb of some dell ram ssd: kxg50pnv2t04 nvme toshiba 2048gb motherboard: dell 0df42j a00