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  1. They were on top across at least two sockets back in the day. Socket A and 754 had them there with Socket A being faster and running cooler with less issues at the time. Around the time chips were exceeding 1.0GHz Intel had problems with their Pentium chips burning up, AMD didn't and Intel had to fix things or else. Socket 754 was the very first 64 bit capable CPU on the market for consumer PC use and Intel for awhile had nothing 64 bit capable. I remember seeing all the listings of who had what on Newegg and Tigerdirect, seemed to take forever for Intel to finally release
  2. And if it were me the professor would have been told what he could "Get" - As in F'ed over it. The amount of control schools, universities and so on are trying to get is invasive. Can't even look away from the screen for even a moment - I mean WTF? I'm glad I don't have to worry about all this.
  3. OCZ made good RAM too - Some of what they made did really well. It is true alot of it was lesser (Crap) sticks but like the rest they also had some sticks that were as good as anything else. Have a few sets of OCZ DDR here that does as well as anything I've got from other makes. If you know what to look for with DDR you can spot them with ease. The heatsinks shown (He was banging on stuff with) are also good, have at least one set with those heatsinks (PC4400 sticks) and they run cool, esp with active cooling on them once volted up. I even have a set that's rated for 3.2v's stock (Unb
  4. Yesterday? That's all day, everyday around here, 24/7, no waiting in line.
  5. They send another probe later and discover the microbes have discovered how to work metal....... Chasing each other around with little spears..... NASA: "Well &$@%!!! - Here we go!"
  6. You know - It's possible we're responsible for it instead of it just being there. List of missions to Venus - Wikipedia We've landed a few probes on the surface in the past and the possibility of "Life" being introduced is there, esp since it's been said it's most likely microbial if it's there at all.
  7. Yes he does. So mean it mugged my stomach for hours...... And won't even go into what happened later.
  8. @Bombastinator I won't go into it further here since it derails the topic at hand, instead any continued discussion can be done via PM's. That was just an example of how I see things concerning how well gov agencies are ran, nothing more.
  9. @Bombastinator @wkdpaul Sorry but I don't trust them with mine due to all the obvious red tape, overly done regs and so on, however to each his or her own. I've had nothing but good come from the system that's in place now - It was either that or I'd be done already and I'm still here (After 2 heart attacks no less). I'll disagree in how well it's managed vs how well it will (Won't) be managed under the government. OK - It's back to airpods guys.
  10. Just proof of what's been said many times before; If you really want something F'ed up as badly as it can get, let the government get involved with it - Like healthcare for example. A real inept example of dealing with counterfiting and yet it happens, folks when they discover they've been duped complain and so on so.... To me it's a mixed bag. Airpods aren't something to crow about and I can promise you Apple was happy and a driving force behind it - No doubt. Now if they would only get the guys that keep selling faked/counterfit GPU's on fleabay.....
  11. Man! I wish we could send this storm we've got headed our way over there, that would do it. We'll probrably have to be ready to sink or swim in certain parts, hopefully not here since I'm close to a river.
  12. I can believe it. Had a few of those appear and (Of course) I gave 'em all the mod-loving they couldn't stand..... With a banhammer.
  13. TBH I'm thinking the board used with it will have an effect on this too. Just make sure it's going to allow the chip to do the job and not hinder it. I believe you already have one but if it's going to hinder the chip it may not be "Right" for what you want it to do.
  14. Oh yeah - Had to play spam cop many times over such things. I recall one morning a spammer got in and posted so much crap I was late for work but got it done - And the spammer was still posting when I first saw it, of course I nailed him on the spot and proceeded to do cleanup. He came in really early that morning and wasn't counting on anyone being up at that hour (2:30AM local time) and he was dead wrong about it, I tend to be up either really late or early most of the time anyway, partially due to the work schedule I used to have and that hasn't changed alot for me since.
  15. Some places have a section in your profile others can post comments out in the open for others to see, similar to a status update here (I think). Anyway that's what happened.