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  1. For chips currently in production the percentage OC seen isn't as good as it used to be but 100%+ is still common to see at the bot with some of the newer chips vs the ones referred to. The highest percentage OC'ing chip(s) that's been verified are the older AMD Socket A "Geode" chips, those capable of hitting 200%+ OC in the right board/setup. There has been no less than 5 that's hit 200% or more just with the Geode NX 1500 itself and another chip hitting a monster 341% OC: zafiropo`s CPU Frequency score: 2946.47 mhz with a Geode NX 1250@6W I've had my FX hit 137% when I set the WR f
  2. Good chips for MHz plus really friendly to work with when things get cold. Been pushing a few of mine over 8GHz and it's just fun to do. I know next week I'll be hitting it for TC at the bot (Again) and I've alot of work to do before it ends.
  3. Could be a simple reseat of the chip will do it - I've seen it work before myself.
  4. You can try setting things using all "Default" settings and save, reboot and see if it changes anything. That's a known issue with the older DFI boards and sometimes it's the only way short of a reflash to get it booting the HDD/OS again and may work in this instance - Maybe not but can't hurt to try it. Also know a weak battery can cause things like this to happen too, just be sure it's "Good" as in about 2.9v's + or better, a new one has 3.0v's or even a tad more. If it's ever below 2.9v's replace it because it's bad. A weak battery can cause BIOS corruption so it's smart to chec
  5. And your response doesn't make it any less real - Paycheck or not. Since you are probrably correct about the special interests involved, I'll admit that does bear weight but still doesn't absolve MS's own complicity to that end for these "Special Interest" organizations and it's still us that has to deal with it in the end.
  6. Been using a Non-Original one since I've had mine and it's been great. Of course the exact one you get determines all that and I even have one that's wired instead of wireless as a backup - Don't really care for it though since the D-stick and D-pad locations on the left are swapped around on it vs the original's layout. The one I use is layed out like an original and that's important, no need for anything odd or just weirdness in general getting used to it. It just feels "Right" when you play it that way and happens that what I've been using is called a "Phenom" made by a company
  7. Yes they can but running around with tires like that is just asking.... No.... Begging for it.
  8. So - you're saying your autobiography when it's done will be one HUGE quote (Copy and paste? ) of the entire thread here......
  9. Anything from Win 10 onward, you betcha. MS is just trying to force their original "TPM Thing" (Once again) on everyone by using a different angle, then they'll sing, tap dance and lie about "How good and ...... Wonderful it really is for the customer" when all that's really just a crock 'o shit.
  10. Sounds like they want the "Institution" (lunchroom?) sized can 'o spam like those HUGE cans/jars of mayo you see at Sams Club or Costco...... No problemo - I'm on it.
  11. That's a hard question because I've had and still have a few that qualify for different reasons. The best overall is my FX-8320 that's "Gimped" (Dead memory channel), clocks like a mad banshee and IS the world record holder in MHz for a bench ran to produce a result instead of just a CPU-Z validation (8304MHz). My old Opteron 165 is another that was a freak in it's own way, holds several records for that chip model. I no longer have that one, passed it along to someone else to enjoy. The chip that was partially responsible for my current WR for Socket 754 in ref clock (495MHz
  12. I'll be headed to the grocery store in a few and I'll be sure to pickup a can and drop it off.
  13. I've done it many times and never had a problem because of it. Would at least like to know why you'd say that.
  14. Neither does the old Starfleet Command series - It really doesn't want to run in Win 7 either but works great in XP. Have the original, Empires at War and the Orion Pirates version of this series.