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  1. Well of course you found one for that price. Seller is a scalper.
  2. Wow - It's great to see Linus stepping up for helping someone get a new card.
  3. It adds compatability so you aren't limited to just PCI-E slot pieces. If you happen to have an older PCI slot device such as a sound card it will work. The board I've got in this machine (X470 Tachi Ultimate) has at least one and I am using it for my sound card.
  4. In the case of sliding it could make some difference and that's why I said: Because it could help in that kind of situation. However in reference to this: I agree with you - I never said it shoudn't because it should, esp if you've paid for it in the first place and if you have one, you did.
  5. Nah - Chances are if you are on a bike and something happens a little vest isn't going to help much anyway in most cases. Not saying it isn't 100% ineffective but still.....
  6. A simple jumper wire is really all you need. I have one setup to remotely power on a small unit to my cooling tower's pump whenever I run it. All I did was to run the wire as stated with one end having a really small spade connector crimped onto one end and pushed that down into the top of the 24 pin ATX plug to the green wire, that ATX plug being what goes to the system itself. For the remote PSU you can do the same but push it in either at the top or from underneath the plug - Just make sure it's from green wire to green wire ONLY and be sure to secure the wire so it doesn't come lo
  7. The pins for the speaker are where the other pins for the systems power buttons, rest and such are and it should have labeling printed into the board indicating which ones are for the speaker. Since yours is not exactly new, it may have a speaker that's soldered into the board in that area so there isn't anything to unplug. The speaker in that case is round and black with a small hole at the top of it. If you want to mute it, a piece of electrical tape over the little hole will do it.
  8. First thing, how old is the CMOS battery? Weak batteries can make weird shit happen. I'll also say it starting to look like a SB problem since UEFI is involved. Doesn't mean the board is toast yet, I'd actually disconnect all drives and see how it behaves with no drives plugged in, you should get an error involving compatability with the option to hit F1 for going into the BIOS to correct the problem. If you see that happen then it's probrably a drive or bad cable. Try all that first.
  9. The thread lock....It was a dud. This time. But can't say the same later....
  10. This thread will self-lock in ten seconds...... 9..... 8..... 7.....
  11. Get the lead out! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! (Post-Post-Post) you maggots!