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Windows 10 laptop with no password

My friend gave me a old dell g7 laptop and  he doesn't remember any of the passwords to get into it. I tried forcing a recovery by turning it off 3 times when it's just starting it gives me the option to do a factory reset but when I try it it fails for some reason. So then I went into cmd and gave  admin a new password but it doesn't give me option to sign into admin account and when I do a search for net users none of the name profiles show up.  so I am wondering if I pull the hard drive and delete the user profiles and put it back in will I be able to access the computer I want to try to save the os that's on the laptop 

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-= Locked =-

Unfortunately, there is nothing we as a community can do to assist you with this.


Your best course of action is to have your friend give you the passwords.


  • Bypassing security features, restrictions, or filters (including parental filters, school restrictions, or workplace monitoring), including on your own device.





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