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Are Asrock GPUs bad?


I'm from India and there is an Asrock 5600XT 6gb graphics card for 13000inr (around 150us?). GPU prices here are typically higher than prices in the US. I have two questions. First of all, is vedantcomputers (the seller) reliable? Second of all, is Asrock bad?

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I've had really good luck with their motherboards over the years, I've used them in both my previous and current workstation builds at my office. I've heard no complaints from the few people I know that have used their graphics cards, if they're built like their motherboards I'd have no qualms purchasing one. I also have no experience with that seller.

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AsRock GPU are great, in fact most well-known GPU AIB are great

The only well-known brand that needs to have concern are Gigabyte, as they have higher GPU temps and louder fan compared to the other GPU AIB

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Seasonic Focus GX-850 Fully Modular // Thermalright Peerless Assassin SE // Phanteks M25 140mm // Display: Bezel 32MD845 V2 QHD // Keychron K8 Pro (Mod: Gateron black box ink; Tape mode on PCB and Keycaps) // Logitech G203 // Audio Technica M50X Headphone // Sennheiser HD 650 // Genius SP-HF180 USB Speaker //


And Laptop Acer Nitro 5 AN515-45 for mobility


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