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  1. what are the best recommend feature to enable on radeon adrenalin?
  2. so far i havent had any temps issues with it
  3. can my msi b450i gaming plus be enough to support a 5900x?
  4. i recently bough a 18w charger from aukey for my iphone 11, in the long run will it damage my battery? cuz i tried it on my iphone 8 plus and i noticed that the battery depletes faster?
  5. do you think the 3600 could i play at 1440p?
  6. is there any way to make the 5700 xt for streaming have as good or close enough quality as the new nvenc?
  7. Will this block fit the zotac 1080 mini https://www.performance-pcs.com/water-cooling/water-blocks/water-blocks-vga/alphacool-nexxxos-gpx-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-m14-incl-backplate-black-ac-11432.html?
  8. Okay thanks brother and/or sister
  9. oh i see but would that void the warranty?
  10. im pretty sure that on msi afterburner and the adrenaline i have the option to up the power limit or something like that