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i had my xiaomi mi10 lite 5g for the past 2 years and a half, and lately its been giving me some issues (from battery to random shutting down). so i decided that i wanted to buy a new phone but to be honest i dont really know the new market and i was hoping to get some help from you guys!

i have a budget of 450 euros max (less the better). im a student and i can buy both new or used and im from italy 馃槃

thank you!

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If you can trade your old phone in, the Pixel 7a is a solid deal. Google's own store has super competitive trade-in values. Alternatively, the Pixel 6a model is one generation older, but the price reflects this. Both punch way above their price point.聽

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I would look into devices with an sdcard slot and https://lineageos.org/ compatibility.聽 Newer samsung devices and all pixel devices (none have an sdcard slot) support unlocking the bootloader.

Sony has a guide on their website for most of their devices to unlock the bootloader so you can definitely use LineageOS on Sony devices.

It's discouraging that "newer" devices used as "phones" are not even reliable for two years from new brands, which is why I will not reconnend non-established / unreputable brands.

Samsung, Sony, Motorola, ASUS, Pixel/Nexus, CAT, and maybe just a few others.聽 But Huawei, Xiaomi, Miui, and all this other crap is just that, and these companies, not even the more "reputable" brands, do not have customers best-interests like long-term reliability in mind, because they can't see past monetary profits.

LineageOS is trying to extend device software support so we don't have to replace our hardware as the only option to upgrade software, which should be outlawed as it's anti-consumer, anti-freedom and contributes relentlessly to electronic waste.

E-waste: JRE #1914 Siddarth Kara

"Now you get what you want, but do you want more?
- Bob Marley, Rastaman Vibration album 1976

Windows 11 will just force business to "recycle" "obscolete" hardware so Microsoft makes more money from hardware sales, no matter how awful the downstream effects of e-waste will be, they do not care.聽 They have also not shown any interest nor has any other company in a similar financial position, to help increase tech recycling whatsoever.

Why do you need a 90 or 120 or 144 or 165Hz screen on a smartphone?聽 You're viewing 60Hz or even 30Hz content.

https://justgetflux.com/ so your screen isn't bright white at night, released in 2008 and still being improved.

Dark Reader addon for webpages.聽 Pick any color you want for both background and text (background and foreground page elements).聽 Enable the preview mode on desktop for Firefox and Chrome addon, by clicking the dark reader addon settings, Choose dev tools amd click preview mode.

NoScript or EFF's privacy badger addons can block many scripts and websites that would load and track you, possibly halving page load time!

F-droid is a place to install open-source software for android, Antennapod, RethinkDNS, Fennec which is Firefox with about:config, lots of performance and other changes available, mozilla KB has a huge database of what most of the settings do.

I recommend firewall apps (blocks apps) and dns filters (redirect all dns requests on android, to your choice of dns, even if overridden).聽 RethinkDNS is my pick and I set it to use pi-hole, installed inside Ubuntu/Debian, which is inside Virtualbox, until I go to a website, nothing at all connects to any other server.聽 I also use NextDNS.io to do the same when away from home wi-fi or even cellular!聽 I can even tether from cellular to ANY device sharing via wi-fi, and block anything with dns set to NextDNS, regardless if the device allows changing dns.

You most likely have never needed a new phone (new hardware) to play most android games, using OpenGL, research videos for the games you want to play even console emulation, and see how well a phone from 12 years ago will run them.

PC specs:

Fedora Linux

Intel quad core, reduced speed to 1Ghz.

2 GB DDR3 clocked down to 800Mhz

GPU hardware (cpu has no integrated video)

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You could get an iPhone SE 3rd gen possibly. I don't what the price is in euros but it's about $430. It may not be the prettiest phone but it will last many years in terms of hardware and software support!

iPhone SE 3rd Gen聽


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