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    Tech and things that go vroom vroom


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    7700k @4.8Ghz
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    Gigabyte Z270X Gamking K7
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    16GB 3200Mhz G.Skill Trident Z RGB
  • GPU
    RTX 2070 STRIX
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    Corsair Air540
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    Samsung 960 EVO nvme, 1TB sata SSD, 2TB HDD, 10tb HDD (plex/file server)
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    NZXT 750w Gold
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    Main - BenQ XL2540 240Hz 1080p, 2nd - BenQ 22" VA 1080p, 3rd - some random Dell monitor
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    EVGA CLC 280
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    DIERYA 60% brown optical switch
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    Razer Basilisk Ultimate
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    Logitech G433
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    Windows 10
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    MSI something or other - 7th gen i5, 1050
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  1. I have had multiple tech repair jobs, always had iFixit tools available to me. Bought this for my at home repairs. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y3PXPVQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Not as good, but I can get 99% of things done with it for a much more reasonable cost. The iFixit stuff is good, really good, but as someone who's used both sets back and forth for years.... I'm still a cheapass and still use the $16 kit. As someone who works on cars though... Some things do require quality tools, but I don't think my PC building and playstation disse
  2. Haha, my buddy and I made the channel. He didn't upload much so I took it over. It was "CrumbyButter" (his username) and "Mimalmo" (my username). Mimalmo is my dad's old ID that I ended up using for PSN. It was for their cats. Mia, Malik, Molly. Mi-mal--mo.
  3. What specific error code was it? I had luck by doing a full "reset to factory settings" (NOT format) It seemed to flush out anything that was stuck, might be worth clearing cache as well. This is actually an old video of mine for a generic DNS error I was seeing periodically. It fixed it for weeks at a time, but it always seemed to pop back up eventually until I replaced my router.
  4. Facebook Marketplace has the only "cheap" options I've seen for any sort of systems as of late. Every so often something pops up on Craiglist, but it's more rare.
  5. I just went through and thoroughly cleaned a PS1 and PS2 controller. Those pads get gunked up pretty easily, but mine aren't worn yet. Unsure if that's me being unaware of what a proper PS1 controller should feel like or if it's just just a generation better pads/a generation newer. Short of finding a proper replacement pad, it might be worthwhile to find out what is the best aftermarket controller or pick and choose the best from a bunch of used ones and make one/two good controllers.
  6. Does it do this on all HDMI ports? Have you tried manually changing the video options on the Xbox to match the CX?
  7. LG CX for sure. I have one and it's amazing. Definitely works best in low light though. If it was a room with a lot of light (living room/family room with a window shining right on it), I would probably opt for a QLED with a lot of local dimming zones, but you can't really go wrong with the CX in a dim/no light room.
  8. The issue with the "no signal" for a moment might be a forced resolution/refresh rate/or HDCP change. My PS5 will go "no signal" on anything when I start a UHD Blu ray because it changes to 24Hz, switching 120Hz on also does this, though I've had no resolution changing cause it, but I don't have an XSX so there might be a few differences. I know that the Xbox "tile" main menu/UI isn't 4k/8k like the PS5 is, but I think it's still a 4k signal. I could be wrong though. On the LG CX, you can press the green button with two or three dots on it a few times to have the TV show the signal information
  9. The best 2008 TV (Probably a plasma? Pioneer Elite?) will do better than the cheapest modern TV for 1080p content. That being said, unless you can find a great deal, a modern TV will typically be a far better option in many ways. Smart TV built in, 4k support, HDR support, warranty, not being over 100lbs, the list goes on and on. I loved my 2007 1080p Plasma, and my dad still has a Pioneer Elite in his home theater setup, but I upgraded to an OLED shortly after getting my PS5 and it's a better experience in every way.
  10. https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/best/budget Take a look at these. The LG is mentioned, but it might help you compare and find one that suits your needs better.
  11. So the "system" thing you're seeing in task manager using up your HDD bandwith is probably "superfetch" or as they renamed it "sysmain." I disable it on any Win10 machine that doesn't have an SSD. It's a service, it pretty much just tries to cache your windows file directories so it can search faster, but disabling it makes everything better. https://www.techsupportall.com/what-is-superfetch-or-sysmain-how-to-disable-it/ That should help and you can also try "Sodium" for an FPS boost instead of Optifine.
  12. Memtest doesn't always catch everything. Did you do the extended run? Inside or outside of the standard Windows UI? I would try a re-install of Windows if you haven't already. You could also try just running one stick of RAM, and then the other to eliminate that possibility. .DLL errors are typically bad game installs, but if it's happening across multiple games, I'm sort of at a loss besides OS corruption/hardware failure.
  13. Last PC game I got physically was Prey 2017. It was on sale, why not? I got an install disc and a code for Steam. Yes, I could have used the disc to install the game, but I activated it on Steam, I have a good network connection. I don't want to listen to a disc drive spinning up. It's a good option for those without a solid internet connection, but that's about it in my opinion. There's some "collectible" aspect, but the only reason I don't get a digital copy (PC or Playstation) is if it's on sale physically. Especially with library sharing, it's just easier. My brother and I can play the sam
  14. Steamlink (or the Steamlink Android app on an Android TV) seem to be a good option. Apparently Nvidia shield TV is really good for this, otherwise a long HDMI cable (possibly with signal repeaters) would be your best option.
  15. As far as PC games go, CS:GO. It's the only game I play regularly on PC if I'm being honest. Across all systems? Tetris. Does that count? I'm not playing NES Tetris or anything (don't have a CRT for it at the moment), but I've been playing Tetris Effect. Other than that, I've been playing through the Metal Gear Solid games and am about to do a run through on Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005.