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Sage 2018 ERP and Vonage contact center integration

My company uses Sage 2018 ERP. It is not cloud based and locally served. With our old phone provider we were able to run a program to trigger a script when incoming calls came to look up the customer and open a new quote for that customer. We referred to it as a CTI. We recently switched to Vonage Call Center, and no one seems to have a way to perform this process. 

My Sage integrator suggests that all I need is to somehow have the incoming call run a script that he could right to perform the actions required in Sage. 

My knowledge of scripts and how they work is basically non existent, however somehow this became my responsibility to figure out. 

I tried zappier but that looks like it would only function if we changed to a cloud based version of Sage. We are not interested in this option as ultimately we want to maintain our Sage server locally. 

Thanks in advance for any ideas that could help me get this working. 

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