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Pump will not turn on to fill/drain reservoir and loop.



I bought a Titan X AMD 2.0 PC-011D from MicroCenter a while back. It came with the ROG STRIX X570-E Gaming WI-FI II motherboard. Problem I have had is I never seemed to be able to get the pump to work with the 24-pin jumper to pre fill the reservoir. I tried both headers it pointed out in the Titan manual and compared that to the motherboard manual as well. The pump would never turn on no matter what header it was plugged into. The best MicroCenter could tell me to do was plug it into the AIO header. I’m wondering if I am missing something, like am I not powering something up correctly? The power supply is a EVGA ATX 850W 80 Plus Gold. I honestly figure with the 24 pin jumper installed, all I would have to do is turn on the power supply and the fan should kick on with it, but that is not the case.

I managed to fill this thing shamefully by just having the 24 pin connected to the motherboard and the pump to the W_PUMP + header, and just filling the reservoir full, turning on the computer and just filling it constantly until the loop was full. That was just when I had the CPU to cool, now I am wanting to finally water cool the GPU, NIVIDIA RTX 3090 Founders edition. I can’t drain the loop properly the way it should be drained. This is my first foray into water cooling and I feel like I am overlooking something obvious. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Last picture is of the pump. I went ahead and took the block loose where I hook the GPU into to drain the water out of the reservoir and the loop since I could not get it to drain from the bottom drain. 


Build: Titan X AMD 2.0 PC-011D


Power Supply: EVGA ATX 850W 80 PLUS GOLD




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