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Disney+ app doesn't work with Intel drivers installed - Dell XPS 9700

Hello everyone,


When trying to play anything, Disney+ would throw a support code 39, which basically means that Disney+ app thinks I'm trying to copy the screen or record or violate copyright in some way and is thus refusing to play. Usually happens with HDMI splitters or XBOX screen recording being on and so on.. 


I have a 4k display model, and as seemingly everybody, I too have a problem where Intel driver does not recognize that the screen is HDCP compliant. That basically means that it supports the security protocol for streaming high bitrate data securely. 


Now, I've uninstalled both the Nvidia drivers and Intel drivers and after that, Disney+ played everything just fine, albeit laggy. That's because you're using Windows legacy to drive the display, and they're trash. Disney+ also works with Nvidia drivers installed, but that's to be expected as it doesn't use the Nvidia GPU to run.


As soon as I reinstall Intel drivers though, playback won't initiate again. Same code, same deal. Does anybody have any idea what I can do to resolve this? I can't seem to only install the intel GPU driver, I also have to install intel command center alongside it. Idk if that makes a difference. In any case, my monitor is recognized as not being HDCP compliant and I can't stream video at all. Netflix will stream most stuff that's not in 4k, but it also won't stream high bitrate stuff. I can get past that by settings the resolution to 1080p, but with Disney+, that doesn't help either.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. At this point, I'm stuck watching in browser, which is jank at best.

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