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Which is better: Slim rad with normal fans, or normal rad with slim fans?

Hey, I just recently obtained a Formd T1 v2 (formerly Sidearm T1) which is a mini ITX case which supports custom loops with up to 2x 240mm radiators (with some size constraints).

Basically there is ~46mm thickness available for the radiator and fans, and I'm wondering what is better: a slim 20mm radiator + normal 25mm thick fans, or a 30mm thick radiator and slim 15mm fans?

Has anybody done any testing on this? I thought maybe OptimumTech or JayZ on youtube but I couldn't find anything.

Thanks for any help!

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Technically speaking, the surface area of both the rad and the fan matter a lot, since bigger rad means more area for heat to dissipate, and bigger fan blades mean more air can be moved. 

I would go to slim rad with normal fans as the extra air is better than the extra surface area, due to the fact that the ratio at which both get affected by their surface is better on the rads than on the fans.

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