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Dual PC setup, NDI & x264 to stream, NVENC to record, will this work?

I just upgraded my primary gaming pc with a new CPU and built a secondary PC around my old CPU to make a dual PC streaming setup with the intention of using NDI. Their specs are below:


Gaming PC- 

Ryzen 5900x

RTX 2080ti

32gb 3600mhz DDR4

Gigabyte X570 Aurus Ultra motherboard 

~30-32tb of storage


Dedicated Stream PC-

Ryzen 3700x

GTX 1060 6gb

16gb 3600mhz DDR4

Gigabyte X570 Gaming X motherboard

1tb ssd (planning on adding more storage later)


What I was planning on doing is the following: 

  • Feed content through NDI from the gaming PC to the stream PC over NDI and stream using x264 encoder on the Stream PC.
  • Record my stream using NVENC on my stream PC for better quality re-upload
  • Record clean gameplay using NVENC on my gaming PC by making use of the plug in "OBS Source Record"

Does anyone know if this would work and do what I am hoping?


I also use a elgato 4k60pro mk2 to capture console gameplay. To avoid HDR issues, I am running an NDI source from the 4k Capture utility to OBS on the same machine to get around the washed out colors and weird timing issues present there. Would this present an issue from passing through another NDI source to the streaming PC?

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