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Keyboard lag in games & Power-on failure with shared-keyboard setup

Hope everyone reading this is doing well, and thanks for looking this over.



Corsair 4000D Case

Gigabyte B550 Gaming X V2 AMD (https://www.wootware.co.za/gigabyte-b550-gaming-x-v2-amd-b550-ryzen-socket-am4-atx-desktop-motherboard.html)

Superflower 850W Silver PSU

Ryzen 7 5700G CPU

Palit RTX 3080 GamingPro OC GPU

Dell S3220DGF Monitor (Keyboard and mouse plugged in here)

Corsair K70 Keyboard

Logitech G502 Hero Mouse

HP ProBook 450 G3 Laptop (for work)

UGreen Usb 2.0 sharing switch (https://www.takealot.com/ugreen-2in-4out-usb2-0-sharing-switch-box-bk/PLID47209914) (Monitor plugged in here, this is plugged in to laptop and PC)


Windows 10 64bit (latest update)




This setup works fine for doing anything for work (programming), or non-gaming, but the following happens:


  • On PC shutdown, the PC doesn't always properly turn off. It will often turn the fans and internal lights back on for less than a minute, then shut off, then back on, rinse and repeat infinitely.
    • The only solutions I've found for this is either turn the PSU off at the back of the case, or turn the mains off, and after this, on next restart, all BIOS settings appear to have been reset (I have SVM turned on, and this disabled it again)
  • In games, there is considerable input lag (keys register as pressed after being released, moving the mouse won't change the view, and then it will jump drastically)
  • On PC Startup, it won't always register that the keyboard and mouse are plugged in, with the switch set to the PC, until either after a while it eventually picks them up, or I plug things out and back in again several times
    • This was slightly mitigated by plugging in a micro-usb power cable into the switch

Further testing with another keyboard and mouse (Ducky and Steelseries respectively) and my current set, each plugged directly into the PC tower on the motherboard, removed the issue.

Having the keyboard and mouse plugged into the screen and that data cable plugged into the motherboard didn't help.

Based on the 'improvement' made by plugging in an additional power source to the USB switch, I have a suspicion that perhaps the screen isn't outputting enough power, or perhaps the particular ports on the motherboard aren't, but I'm hardly an expert.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Edited by jmorris1501
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