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Display-switching Device?

A Friendly N00b

Hi! I'm not necessarily sure what what i'm looking for is called, but I'm planning splurging for a ps5 for christmas and I want to be able to switch the display used between a primary and secondary monitor, one going to the pc and the other to the ps5. ie, I want to switch the inputs from the big monitor to the small one, and vice versa. Is there a device or product that can accomplish this? It would also be nice if that would allow me to simply use the second monitor on my PC as well when the ps5 is off.

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If I've read this correctly you want to run the PS5 and PC into 2 TVs. It's not clear where your 2 monitors are either - it will be far easier if they're less than 10ft apart.


Not sure that's possible with just one device.


A KVM switch allows you to merge 2 devices into one input. I have this Aten HDMI KVM for my 2 gaming rigs in the UK (one runs Win 10, the other is offline and runs XP). It includes an in-line (i.e. hardwired) button to switch between the 2 inputs (rather than the 1st ones I used that needed a keyboard input combo to do that). Tiger Direct have it for around $70 which is about right and comparable to the £55 I spent on it nearly 10 years ago. Catch is likely that it's not a 4K device.


You also need at least one HDMI splitter - something like this one from Amazon for $15, that does support 4K.


If I've understood this correctly then you'd nee 1x HDMI splitter for the PS5 and 2x KVM switches, and you'd need to display cables coming out of your PC (if you duplicate the outputs down both cables then you won't need a HDMI splitter). It's a complicated setup though and I'd rather get a better idea of what you have before going further...


...other than saying that if you're just trying to split the PS5 only, then a 4K HDMI KVM switch is all you need.

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