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Recently i bought some pc components to build a new pc but i haven't been able to get it to boot or have any display output.



motherboard: ASUS Z9PA-D8

CPU: 2x intel xeon e5 2670 

RAM: 8x 8GB SK hynix memory modules

PSU: deepcool DQ750-M-V2L

storage: no storage yet

GPU: nvidia gtx 980 FE


when i plug in the power cord a small green LED at the bottom left of the motherboard starts glowing and when i turn the pc on a different red LED (marked in the manual as CATTERR_LED1) also starts glowing. All the fans spin when i start the pc but i have no display output and the built-in Q-code LED doesn't show anything. I've tried clearing the CMOS but that didn't seem to help. I've even tried to only start the pc with only 1 ram stick (in slot A1).

Has anyone had similar experiences like this or know how to fix this?




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