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LG 27GL83A-B Monitor Flickering Randomly



My LG 27GL83A-B monitor has started flickering after mounting it on a vesa mount. For full context I redid my desk set up by mounting my monitors to a vesa mount and installed a SATA SSD. I have tried a number of things to solve the flickering issue... Ive turned on/off G-sync, tried 8/10bit color, reinstalling the drivers, changing display ports on my 3070, changing the screen resolution from aspect ratio to full screen, making sure that my refreshrate is 144 across all settings, unplugging the dp cable and plugging it back in, and uninstalling Wallpaper Engine... 


To describe the flickering it is like screen tearing. it only effects the top 10-20% of the screen. The lower portion that is unaffected displays perfectly, but the top portion tears when scrolling or when something is moving on the screen. 


Im not sure if installing the SSD caused the issue so I mentioned it. On my second monitor I have no problems. The only thing I havent tried is changing out for a different DP cable. Can you guys think of anything else to try besides a new cable. Im ordering one off of amazon, but I hope to resolve the issue beforehand. Thanks guys (First time poster)

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