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EK GPU block quality (including active backplate)?

I am planning to build my first custom loop PC for a while and finally it seems I am less than a month away on the EVGA 3090 FTW3 queue. Originally I plan to buy the hydro copper but it seems the 3090 hydro copper did not drop for several months. So I will take the air cooled 3090 FTW3 and do the water block by myself. I may will choose all EK parts for my first loop since it is easier to order from its website and they finally released the 3090 FTW 3 active back plate. But recently I found several posts complaining EK's quality control on their parts with photos of terrible products received, especially the new 3090 FTW3 active back plate. So I am just want to ask if anybody have got the 3090 FTW 3 active back plate? How is the product and the installation process? 


Moreover, other than EK, is there any other brand producing 3090 FTW water block with active back plate, and how is the compatibility with EK's other parts?

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Aquacomputer also do an active backplate for the 3090. Think it's only compatible with their blocks though. I personally stay away from EK blocks if I can, I don't feel the quality of them justifies the price. 

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