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  1. Finally, I was able to purchase the EVGA 3090 FTW3 through EVGA queue system after waiting for 8 months. So I am now seriously looking for a water block/active back plate combo for the card. It seems to me there are not too many choices for me when it come to this cooling combo. EK and Bykski are the only two brands I found which will ship to US readily. There are some other products selling on Aliexpress but I am trying to avoid them. Any suggestions are welcome since I will need to start shopping for other PC parts and try to finish the build before Thanksgiving.
  2. I am planning to build my first custom loop PC for a while and finally it seems I am less than a month away on the EVGA 3090 FTW3 queue. Originally I plan to buy the hydro copper but it seems the 3090 hydro copper did not drop for several months. So I will take the air cooled 3090 FTW3 and do the water block by myself. I may will choose all EK parts for my first loop since it is easier to order from its website and they finally released the 3090 FTW 3 active back plate. But recently I found several posts complaining EK's quality control on their parts with photos of terrible products received,
  3. I am keeping monitoring the top end GPU market situation since I am planning to build a new PC. But I found a interesting situation recently. The supply of 3090 is reduced significantly and there is a trend that 3080 Ti is replacing its market position. Previously, there are always some 3090s in the Newegg Shuffle and I was also able to win a chance to get one but I gave up. Then recently, there is no 3090 in the Newegg shuffle events and the top end selections are all 3080 Tis. Furthermore, I also signed up for the EVGA queue for hydro copper 3090s and it seems there is no incoming cards
  4. I have had this question for quite a while since the GPU stock and price starts to become reasonable. I plan to build a custom water cooling PC with both CPU and GPU in the loop. This will be my first custom loop build. I personally prefer a graphics card with a preinstalled water block (e.g. EVGA 3090 FTW3 hydro copper, Gigabyte waterforce, etc) since I can just connect and ready to roll. But as everybody knows, the market is still not in a very good shape. The supply of graphics cards is still tight and the cards with preinstalled water block are even harder to find. I did sign up the EVGA q
  5. I probably will let it expires. $2279.99 for a 3090 from retail store is still not very attractive. I can wait in the queue for a EVGA 3090 FTW hydro copper which is less than 2000 bucks with a preinstalled water block. Or I can wait for more stock incoming so that I can have some ability to look around...
  6. I just win the newegg shuffle to buy a MSI 3090 gaming x trio. But the price is kinda high at $2279.99. I also need to purchase and install water block by myself, which will give the final cost of ~$2400-2500. Should I go for it? FYI, I am on the EVGA queue of 3080 TI FTW hydro copper and 3090 FTX hydro copper. But I don't know when it will be my turn since I did not enter the queue when it was released. I personally is not very interested in it and may just let it expires... I am just wondering what is the chance of being selected during newegg shuffle? I am not a serious player
  7. The so called "MSRP" is a joke for this generation of graphics cards. So as some people mentioned in the forum, we must accept the fact that it is highly likely that we will not be able to get this generation graphics cards at their so called "MSRP". Yes, I feel the price is getting stabilized BUT we still need to pay much more to get this generation graphics cards.
  8. I think it will be but not for now. I think the AIB learnt from previous experience that people will buy the card no matter how much they ask for at the current situation. So why let the scalper make the money? The AIB will just charge the scalper prices and then take the profit from scalpers.
  9. With the incoming release of 3080 Ti 12 GB model, the full line up of top end graphics card is done. It will be quite a while before the next generation GPU come out. I was considering replace my 5 year old PC last year but it was delayed due to massive shortages. Now with slightly improvements on both CPU and GPU market, I am start to consider build a new PC. One of the major questions I always ask myself is which graphics card I will go with for better future proof. The future proof for me is that my new machine can hold for another at least 5 years without any major upgrade. My
  10. I am just curious. Since we are in supply shortage, eBay may be one of the way if you want to secure a popular PC parts like GPUs, some CPUs or even MB without any hassle. But of course, you have to pay a super inflated price. I am occasionally tracking the 3080 and 3090 price on eBay for the past several months and the price keep raising and raising. Based on my common sense, it tells us that there are a lot of consumers bought from eBay and willing to pay scalper price. Otherwise it will not make any sense that we will see 2000+ bucks 3080 and 3000+ bucks 3090. It will only happe
  11. I think it is actually a bad news once I saw the press release and I don't know why some people are exciting on the move. I am not a computer related worker but I think it will not hurt mining firms since they will always have ways to bypass/hack the drivers to mine. Not to mention where the CMP dies come from unless NV have a lot of un-qualified dies for gaming graphic cards at hand due to poor yields and plan to make money on them instead of place it in waste bin. This move actually hurts people like me and I don't think I am alone with similar idea. I want to upgrade my PC but I
  12. Firstly, I am not meant to be a miner. I am just a casual gamer with a secure job but suffered the shortage of GPUs since I want to upgrade. Secondly, I am just very pessimistic on the future of GPU prices so instead of wait for another 3-6 months or even longer for GPU, I am just want to get it at a mark-up prices and try to recover some cost via mining. I don't plan to fully recover the GPU cost but just to break even the mark-ups. I understand it means that I will have to buy the card from potential scalper on ebay, which is a sensitive area in the forum. I just feel
  13. The profit calculation have already take the electricity into account. Actually, the electricity charge is too trivial now for mining since the price is very high.
  14. It has been 4-5 months since several major hardware launches, almost all the GPUs are still very hard to find at reasonable prices. I am starting considering buy a 3090 for whatever the cost it will be, which may be ~$2800-3000 from ebay and then mining with it to recover the cost. It is my first time thinking about it since I feel we really cannot beat the mining mania in a short period of time (3-5 months). Based on the profit calculation, it seems that a single 3090 can generate ~10-12 bucks/day profit and if I use it to mine for 90 days, I almost recover the price mark-ups and I own the ca
  15. It depends on how you define the term "in stock" or your shopping style. I think there will be always stock coming in this year, and it will be more frequently than Q4 2020. The problem is high demand and if you are willing to spend time and efforts to get one. Yes, it will take a while (maybe half year or even longer) to get a full recovery, which means that you can choose from different brands and models like before and no need to worry it will be taken my others.