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  1. I think it is actually a bad news once I saw the press release and I don't know why some people are exciting on the move. I am not a computer related worker but I think it will not hurt mining firms since they will always have ways to bypass/hack the drivers to mine. Not to mention where the CMP dies come from unless NV have a lot of un-qualified dies for gaming graphic cards at hand due to poor yields and plan to make money on them instead of place it in waste bin. This move actually hurts people like me and I don't think I am alone with similar idea. I want to upgrade my PC but I
  2. Firstly, I am not meant to be a miner. I am just a casual gamer with a secure job but suffered the shortage of GPUs since I want to upgrade. Secondly, I am just very pessimistic on the future of GPU prices so instead of wait for another 3-6 months or even longer for GPU, I am just want to get it at a mark-up prices and try to recover some cost via mining. I don't plan to fully recover the GPU cost but just to break even the mark-ups. I understand it means that I will have to buy the card from potential scalper on ebay, which is a sensitive area in the forum. I just feel
  3. The profit calculation have already take the electricity into account. Actually, the electricity charge is too trivial now for mining since the price is very high.
  4. It has been 4-5 months since several major hardware launches, almost all the GPUs are still very hard to find at reasonable prices. I am starting considering buy a 3090 for whatever the cost it will be, which may be ~$2800-3000 from ebay and then mining with it to recover the cost. It is my first time thinking about it since I feel we really cannot beat the mining mania in a short period of time (3-5 months). Based on the profit calculation, it seems that a single 3090 can generate ~10-12 bucks/day profit and if I use it to mine for 90 days, I almost recover the price mark-ups and I own the ca
  5. It depends on how you define the term "in stock" or your shopping style. I think there will be always stock coming in this year, and it will be more frequently than Q4 2020. The problem is high demand and if you are willing to spend time and efforts to get one. Yes, it will take a while (maybe half year or even longer) to get a full recovery, which means that you can choose from different brands and models like before and no need to worry it will be taken my others.
  6. I am as pessimistic as you did on the GPU market. I feel 2021 will be a tough year for gamers shopping for high end GPUs. Firstly, the pandemic will not disappear in a sudden so people will still have to work from home and the demand will keep at record high. Secondly, the disruption of the supply chain caused by the pandemic will also not get improved in a sudden. The supply will not meet the demand for quite a while. I did not even mention the role of mining firms here.
  7. First, happy new year to everyone. It has been 3 months since 30 series card launched, but it is still very hard to find a high end 30 card without pay scalper prices. It has been 2 months since Ryzen 5000 series CPUs launched, but it is also very hard to find a 5900x or 5950x. 5800x and 5600x may be slightly easier if you use some softwares to remind you incoming stock. It has been ~1.5 months since RDNA2 card launched, but it may be even harder to find a 6800XT or 6900XT. I guess it is the question everyone is concerning but nobody can tell. I personally think CPU
  8. I believe EVGA announced the launching of 3080 and 3090 hydro copper and hybrid series in mid-Nov. But considering 3080 is still very hard to find. I am just wondering does EVGA ever sell any hydro copper card? Or did anybody ever buy this card recently? It is now only listed in EVGA web store and it seems never in stock. Also almost no independent reviews or ownership videos found. I understand it is a very special card which will be of very limited numbers. But I don't want it to be a product just on paper....I am waiting for the 3080 Ti version of the hydro copper for my loop bu
  9. Unfortunately, my plan is to build a brand new custom water cool PC as my first fully custom water cooled machine. It has been one of my dream targets since I was young at 20s but did not have the money at that time. I just want to make this dream come true before I am getting older and start to lost interest and motivation on playing with this tech stuff. I currently have a 6700K+1080 which could still last for a while so I am perfectly fine to wait for another half year or even longer.
  10. Exactly as I expected, RX 6800 (XT) is another very thin launch and AMD is as the same position as NVIDIA now. It might be the worse time in my life to upgrade/build a high-end PC since I cannot get both CPU and GPU. I totally understand 2020 is a hard year for everyone and I am not meant to blame anyone. Just to complain for the current situation since I have to postpone my plan on building my first custom water cooled PC. It might be the last PC I will built for myself as a personal entertainment machine since I am 34. Five years later I may not have the motivation to do it again. But the si
  11. Thanks for the responses and suggestions. I did some research by myself and I understand the O11 D should be able to hold all my setup. But my preference start to lean towards the O11 D XL cases after I view a video about how to mount the GPU vertically in the O11 D. The reason I prefer the top and side radiator mount is that I am afraid there won't be enough space to mount a RTX 3080 after I put a radiator/fan on the bottom considering RTX 3080 is much bigger in size. I am also read some reviews on the O11 D mentioned that if there is a radiator/fan at the bottom, there may be som
  12. Thanks for your pictures. I also don't like big cases either. But it seems you put the 2 radiators at top and bottom while I personally prefer a top + side mount radiator option.
  13. I just saw a similar question about the Lian li O11 D case. I am also in the selection of cases for my first water loop build. I am planning a 2*360 radiator with both CPU and GPU in the loop. I may go with 1 EK PE 360, 1 EK SE 360 and EK-D5 pump/res combo. But I am not very sure on which case I will go. I am not a fan of big cases so I originally prefer O11 dynamic with a compact build. But after I look at some built PC and some videos, I don't know if the O11 dynamic could fit all my stuff in. When I built my current PC 4 years ago, I had a big problem in fit in 2 AIOs (CPU and EVGA hybrid G
  14. I am planning to build my first loop probably earlier next year when the stock of RTX 30 series become stable. I just have some questions about the parts selection and pricing. 1. Acetal or Plexi for block and pump combo unit Learnt from some other forum, it seems a lot of people prefer acetal for its durability. I understand their thoughts and I am also prefer acetal since I will built a very top-end PC this time and durability is one of the most important considerations. But after looking at several builds with plexi, I also like the view of plexi since it is clear. Moreover