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  1. Or buy some from https://www.demcifilter.com/
  2. To see more normal temps watch this one
  3. With your budget and needs,You can pick out any atx or bigger case on the market and be good to go.Your options are like 30 cases if not more.
  4. Have you not seen the lian li 011 line up?All 3 sizes will take a atx board even the mini case can.
  5. Back then they would semi custom build the pc to your specs,So model and specs are not known tell you open it up or turn it on.And yes they made their cases in a few colors back then as well.
  6. If your a gamer i would think hard on a 1tb nvme drive,500gb don't hold much for games anymore.
  7. You can add a phanteks halo rgb to any fan and get rgb,But they work best on a white or clear blade fans.Look up noiseblocker fans they are better then noctua and can come in rgb now.
  8. The easy way to tell is look up a block for a reference card,Most will give a list of all the reference cards that block will fit.And with amd most of the time a reference card is a blower card.
  9. They probably will make it one,But we have zero idea tell the cards come out.
  10. The problem i see is both links only fit amd reference cards,Which your thiccc isn't a reference card its a aib pcb.There is a water block only for your gpu https://www.alphacool.com/shop/grafikkarten-wasserkuehler/amd-fullsize/25912/alphacool-eisblock-aurora-plexi-gpx-a-radeon-rx-5700-xt-thicc-ii/iii
  11. I will add to this,For the cpu block look at heatkiller and xspc,Both are the top end blocks for the threadrippers.
  12. Here is a build in that case
  13. in the front of the case yes,The top i fully think you can also.That case is bigger then it looks,The core of it is a view 71 with new panels stuck on it.Now push pull on a 45mm rad is overkill to me,I would only go push pull on a 60mm or thicker but its up to you.