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ds and 3ds games that work well on mobile

I decided to try playing pokemon ranger on my phone via melonds (available on github) this trilogy appears to be one ofthe few games that can be played using only the touchscreen, and mobile games primarily use touchscreens. Now, if you have this game, either on og hardwareor on your phone, I'd like to know if you think there's a serious difference between using the ds's resistive touchscreen, and a mobile phone's capacitive touchscreen. It's been a long time since i've played these games on original hardware. Also, I'd like a list of ds and 3ds games that cam be played using solely the touchscreen, and maybe some impressions as to how well those games play on mobile via emulators like melonds and citra.

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Capacitive is a lot better than resistive as a general rule. More responsive and precise.


With that said, I'm not a great expert on DS and 3DS emulation on mobile. I would rather opt for those games that have been ported over, like Chrono Trigger or (on Apple devices) Chu Chu Rocket Universe.

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They world flawlessly on mobile, but it depends on your controller.
Choose a bluetooth controller and decide.

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