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  1. Apple CarPlay is the equivalent. In fact, you're more likely to find CarPlay in the market, since it's been around for longer and generally has more consistent support. You have a lot of price options in that range. The regular iPhone 13 is a good pick if you want an all-rounder and are happy with iOS: it'll take great photos, run quickly and last a long while on battery. The Galaxy S21 won't be as fast or match Apple in overall image quality, but it has more zoom options and is easy to find on sale. If you're willing to wait a few weeks, the Pixel 6 might scratch the i
  2. For video editing and other media work... Mac all the way, although I would strongly suggest either the 512GB model or an external SSD if you're going to be working with a lot of video. 8GB of RAM might be enough since Apple is more efficient about memory use these days, but if it were my money I'd configure a system with 16GB of RAM — like you said, you can't upgrade it later. Coding, as others said, depends on what you're writing. The Mac will be great for web code and other more universal languages, and of course it's your only option if you want to write iOS or Mac apps. If you
  3. I've had an iPhone XS for three years and haven't seen any burn-in. Just be reasonable about it: don't spend too much time on any one app (i.e. multiple hours in TikTok isn't good for either your phone or your health), don't set your screen timeout to a long period, that sort of thing.
  4. It's a pretty modest update. The performance boost is nice, but as before you really need to step up to a higher-tier model to get the speed you want. And apart from that, it's basically a Surface Go 2.
  5. You can still play Fortnite on a Mac, just not on an iPhone or iPad!
  6. For the phones, if you're new... iPhone, iPhone, iPhone. You don't have to be a rookie to use an iPhone, but it'll be a gentler learning curve. I'd suggest the iPhone 11, although I know the monthly payments will still be significant if you buy from Apple (around $20 per month per phone). You may want to look into lower-cost carriers like Ting, Mint Mobile or prepaid brands (Metro, AT&T Prepaid, etc.) to see about getting deals on phones and plans. Just be sure that you have enough data for each user. Many 'full' plans are unlimited in practice, but those budget carriers may ca
  7. I had Sugar Ray's "Fly" lodged in my head recently, but more often than not it's a dance tune like Ilan Bluestone's "Stardust and Madness."
  8. I suspect it's not as simple as flicking a switch and enabling calls... patent licenses, optimizing software, that sort of thing. With that said, it's not hard to imagine some people keeping an iPad at home or in their bag and using an Apple Watch if they really don't want to carry anything in their hands.
  9. Apple's we-know-best attitude can be very irksome at times, but that also keeps the company from sinking into the bland sameness of the industry. There's a pervasive mediocrity in the Android and Windows worlds that seems born of an overeagerness to compromise. It's how you get ugly stickers on your PC, phones with carrier bloatware you can't remove, cheap-feeling plastic laptops and phones with useless 2MP macro cameras. That's why I tend to stick with Apple, although it also means you're occasionally stuck with odd decisions that don't really help anyone... like a wireless mouse
  10. Welcome to the realities of the Android tablet market (and yes, this is worldwide). Android tablets fell victim to the same "race to the bottom" that plagues Windows PCs. Because it's difficult for Android vendors to compete on much more than price, their market quickly skewed toward low-end tablets that are seldom much more than glorified Netflix viewers, particularly for small models. High-performance Android tablets are generally limited to Samsung's Tab S line... and of course, those aren't small. If you want a fast but small tablet for gaming, you basically have to
  11. As much as I like Apple gear, I'll agree with those who say Apple isn't really embracing USB-C. The point is that you could ideally use the charger and cable from your old Samsung phone to top up your iPhone. If your Lightning-to-USB-C cable breaks, you can't just assume your friend's Android phone cable will work.
  12. Not completely baseless and it has a degree of logic, but it's still far from an airtight case. It's like assuming a thief is guilty of robbing a store because he happened to be in the store when the stick-up took place. You still have to make that final connection... otherwise, you're just using the easiest target, not the correct target.
  13. It's pretty reasonable to acknowledge that issues like these are seldom clear-cut, and that the developer might not be as innocent as it claims. It's also reasonable to want evidence of an intentional conspiracy rather than making the logical leap of "B followed A, therefore A caused B." You need to show that Apple blocked FlickType solely because it was going to compete with an upcoming watchOS 8 feature, not because it was mistakenly approved despite violating App Store rules. Unreasonable to me is making assumptions when the historical evidence is spotty. Apple has a clear histo
  14. Until we have evidence of that, though, we can't make assumptions. Reality has a way of being far more boring than we care to admit.
  15. To add to what Cereal said: that's not how console design works. It takes years to get a console ready: basic engineering, securing custom components, establishing a developer framework, testing... you don't just wait for your competitor to do something and then create an entire platform in a knee-jerk reaction. It's not like Sony was going to ride the PS4's coattails forever. I'm reminded of how people parroted the myth that Apple's iPhone was a copy of the LG Prada announced a few months earlier. As if Apple had no plans for a phone until it saw the Prada, and magical