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  1. Huh! Not sure when that changed, but I do remember getting XBO games to keep. In which case... one less reason to switch from one platform to the other.
  2. Games With Gold lets you keep your games — it's PlayStation Plus that yanks access if you cancel. I actually don't mind Sony's approach since it's a fair exchange and often includes some great titles (Fall Guys premiered as a PS Plus freebie), but there's no doubt that Xbox Live Gold is better if you want to keep your games after you walk away.
  3. I'll be honest: it probably won't be new for that price, and won't be fast. It may depend on what your definition of "good" is.
  4. Is that a bias, or just an acknowledgment that certain companies are doing a better job than others? A good example of this is Apple: Linus rags on Apple all the time, but he also acknowledges the company's good products and decisions. I still get a kick out of how he wears an Apple Watch Series 5 as a comment on the dearth of good smartwatches for Android. Part of the issue is that we often mistake "unbiased" for "treats everyone the same." But that's not how the absence of bias works — neutrality means acknowledging when the evidence supports one side over another (just look at p
  5. You don't need Gold just to use the internet connection on an Xbox — it's just that some things have been gated behind it. Keep in mind that you don't just get those online features. On Xbox, you get "games with Gold" that are yours to keep even if you stop subscribing. So it's really $X per year with a whole bunch of games thrown in, and not just leftovers. PlayStation Plus is similar, although you do have to stay subscribed to access your expanded game library. With that said, it's pretty clear Microsoft wants Xbox owners to subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate. It's $15 p
  6. The passive-aggressiveness is strong in this thread. Really, the shame is that it took formal action to get this taken down; Twitter doesn't knowingly allow this stuff on a regular basis.
  7. If you need a Mac or a jailbroken iPhone to make it work, it's not really a solution. iMessage lock-in kinda sucks, but if you really value it... stick with an iPhone or Mac.
  8. This reminds me of why I get annoyed when people argue that Apple, Samsung et. al. make too much profit on high-end phones. Yes, it is possible for profit to be excessive, but the obsession with price creates beasts like LG, HTC, and Sony... bleeding cash for half a point of market share. Yeah, you'll get a good deal on a Velvet, but the company is meanwhile starving its R&D and has little else besides price to compete on. Apple and Samsung are on top in part because they have the cash to advance their devices and aren't one quarter away from losing money.
  9. Some people will swear that their smart devices are targeting ads based on conversations, but there's no real evidence to indicate they're doing this. Chromecasts don't have always-ready microphones, for starters. And the mics aren't actively recording on your Home or Pixel -- they're just waiting for a wake word before they do anything. Besides, the computational demands on Google's part for always-on ad targeting would be ridiculous. It'd need enough computational power to actively monitor hundreds of millions of Assistant devices around the clock. More often than not
  10. I look at it this way: SpaceX and others are lowering the costs of missions and reducing waste with reusable rockets. Even if Musk envisions space tourism and private Mars colonists, he's helping public scientific pursuits in the process,
  11. It does, but like Donut said, the truth is likely relatively boring. Military projects like the F-117 rather than UFOs. You can see it on Google Maps! It's just that satellite views only tell you so much.
  12. When did we start resurrecting old Area 51 conspiracy theories again?
  13. Oh yeah, it wasn't even subtle. Same overall phone aesthetic, to the point where even the icons were decidedly iPhone-like. Samsung already had a bad habit of chasing after the competition before (the BlackJack was its not-so-subtle attempt to ride the BlackBerry bandwagon), but it was blatant. For that matter, I still remember how the original design for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looked a bit like the original iPad, but was conveniently redesigned in several weeks after the iPad 2 showed up. Samsung clearly got better in the years since, but there are still moments like this where it sh
  14. It's been trying that since 2010! The original Galaxy S was practically conceived as an iPhone knockoff.