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  1. It feels like what car makers have done, such as how Honda has repositioned the Civic. They take the originally budget-oriented series and move it up a notch to upsell you to higher-priced models. There will be something to take the place of the old badge, of course, but the hope is that customers will follow the line and spend more. The card is a great value (if you can get it at MSRP, anyway), but NVIDIA probably won't have a true 1060/2060 replacement until there's, say, an RTX 3050 line.
  2. Damn. If you're leaning Android, the regular Pixel 4a may have to do the trick. I'd be seriously tempted by the iPhone 11, though. It's much, much faster than the Pixel 4a and has better overall photographic prowess (particularly for video). You can still send things to a Chromecast (that's been dependent on apps on both Android and iOS) and use your familiar editing tools.
  3. Can't happen soon enough. The guy was so transparently corrupt that he "joked" about being on the take in a video. If you have even a shred of integrity, you don't make light of that. I'm hoping his successor is more like Tom Wheeler (i.e. meaningful policies) and less like Julius Genachowski (lots of talk, not as much action). Either way, this person will likely be miles better than Pai... not that it's particularly difficult.
  4. Ah, my apologies. And that is... subtle. Not so much an issue with the low power draw, but you definitely won't see a giant intake on the Mac mini any time soon.
  5. There's a vent in the back that takes output from the fan. Remember, the M1 is a very power-efficient chip and doesn't need extensive cooling.
  6. I figure you could get three years out of it fairly easily, although it won't be the fastest image editing device. One option: snag the Pixel 4a 5G. It's more expensive, of course, but you'll get a faster CPU on top of the larger screen, upgraded camera and (of course) 5G.
  7. I don't think we should ban the use of the term in forums or whatnot, but... c'mon, folks, let's move past it. It's worn out, and it's jokingly 'embracing' a Nazi concept at a time when there's a surge of real Nazis in the US and Europe. Is continued use going to shatter minds or turn people racist? No (I sure hope not, anyway). But it's intellectually lazy, and we can do better. Besides, anything we can do to deny Nazis attention is good in my book.
  8. Probably fairly well. Like Nystemy suggested, doubling the cores wouldn't necessarily lead to double the performance. But Apple has a knack for wringing a lot of performance out of its chips, and there's a real chance we'll be wondering how higher-end MacBook Pros and lower-end iMacs are competing well against higher-end PCs.
  9. It sounds like the battery is worn down to the point where it's throttling to prevent shutdowns, and the touchscreen has gone haywire (phantom inputs are a common sign). If it were my money? Get the standard iPhone 12 and don't look back. Unless you really want the Pro's telephoto camera and LiDAR, it's the better value if you want a quality, familiar experience with loads of upgrades over your iPhone X.
  10. It's funny: I have mostly Apple products and have no intention of switching, but I'm not sure I'd call myself fiercely loyal. I know what Windows PCs, Android phones and smartwatches would be on my short list if someone told me I had to ditch Apple gear right now. I'm just not a huge fan of the other ecosystems, particularly Google's poor Android update policies.
  11. They're being cheeky. Surely Apple is allowed a sense of humour!
  12. Only when vaccines are widely distributed and adopted. You may not see waves as big as we've seen without a vaccine (viruses tend to peter out as they evolve into milder forms and people develop resistance), but a timely return to something normal-ish requires an artificial boost.
  13. Oh, for sure, it's just a bad habit of the Windows world. It's largely dictated by Windows' poor UI scaling — it's easier to simply go over-the-top with a 4K display than to adapt to, say, a 1440p display. The earlier Air's 900p (not 720p!) screen was definitely overdue for an upgrade. The lack of Matebook reviews is likely due to the political reality. Huawei faces a trade ban in the US, so it's hard to bring the laptops into the country. It also casts doubt on Huawei's ability to keep the Matebook updated regardless of where you live (as Huawei can't do business with Microsoft).
  14. I'm baffled at how this has gained traction. It seems like the past year has seen a lot of people latch on to Twitter leaks from new or questionable sources as trustworthy. What's TheGalox's track record? Probably small or non-existent. I could see Apple relying on AMD for GPUs in higher-end ARM systems, but it's far from guaranteed. If there's any support for this, it's that Apple often takes charge of Mac drivers for GPUs and won't be held back by AMD's usual focus on x86.
  15. Here's the unfortunate truth, though: game updates have been a thing for over a decade at this point. If you refuse to buy a console because your games might get updates and patches... basically, you've committed to never buying a console again. Companies will never go back, and I don't use the term "never" lightly. There are plenty of advantages to console game updates. First, even minor updates can add features that simply weren't ready for a timely launch or hadn't been considered at the time. Everything from new game styles to nice-to-haves like a photo mode. I like that many g