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  1. My fiancée has an M1 MacBook Air and loves it, and she leans heavily on video chats and other fairly demanding tasks for work. It's super-responsive, has a great screen and battery life just isn't a concern... you can just assume you'll have enough if your use is in any way normal. You're definitely right to want 16GB of RAM, although the Air will be fine unless you really intend to push your system hard for long periods. Seven cores versus eight won't really matter unless you're gaming or driving a particularly high-res external display. As for software: make sure you
  2. Ultra wideband. It's the technology that makes finding Apple AirTags so precise, and it's also being used for things like digital car keys (as it can unlock the car door when you get close or point your phone a certain way). The end to major iOS updates probably won't affect app use for a while afterward. You may run into apps that either have features specific to newer OS versions or require that new OS, but Apple won't kick out apps requiring older iOS releases for some time.
  3. Apple typically delivers five years of major system updates, so you're probably good with the iPhone XR until at least late 2023. The iPhone 12 would last until late 2026 if given similar treatment. The XR is still a solid phone even today (my brother uses one), but if you can swing the iPhone 12, you'll be happier. Better screen, faster, better cameras (and more than one rear camera) and a degree of future-proofing with features like UWB.
  4. I like that Apple is making people question their platform allegiances. Google's hook for Android has long been "it's open!" (which isn't really true, but that's another debate), and enthusiasts bought into that quite readily. However, it seems like people are realizing that theoretical openness doesn't matter if you're compromising other values in practice, such as privacy. I don't think Google is being horribly villainous by either collecting its own data or letting other developers do the same. But it's harder to avoid that collection on Android, and Google has a ves
  5. Eh, that's emulating the trackpad gestures on the screen. Like I said, it'd take a lot of work to offer true touch-native support! Microsoft is getting its ass kicked partly because Windows on a tablet feels like a desktop OS shoehorned into a place it doesn't belong.
  6. The only reason to get the Note 20 Ultra at this point is the S Pen. If you don't think it's all that important, the S21 Ultra will be faster, take better photos and otherwise do a better overall job. The lack of expandable storage is a drag, but it doesn't cost that much to order one with more capacity (even 512GB isn't that much more).
  7. Not gonna happen. The issue isn't so much Apple's policies on choice as that macOS really isn't touch-optimized. It'd require a lot of work to not feel like... well, the half-hearted effort you see with Windows tablets.
  8. If you have a lot of bright sunlight, QLED might be better. LG's LCD sets aren't terrible, but I'd give the nod to Samsung if you're comparing similar models. If it's artificial light or you mainly tend to use your TV in the evening, though, stick with the LG OLEDs.
  9. I love Apple's desktop keyboards... they're quiet, compact and have a good feel if you like relatively short travel. Of course, they're also Mac-centric and won't appeal at all if you prefer mechanicals. But I dig the style, and I like that the new ones are matched to the new iMacs. Life is too short to hate on a company for adding a splash of colour. Now, the Magic Mouse I can understand. I'm fine with it myself and really like its effortless scrolling, but I won't deny its ergonomic issues and problems for anyone who prefers multiple discrete mouse buttons.
  10. I look at this as a first step. Yeah, ideally games will simply use full scene ray tracing, incredibly detailed objects and flawless special effects... but this does suggest AI could go a long way toward filling the realism gap, maybe even after all those features are present. It could cover all those little touches that are hard to quantify but go a long way toward convincing your eyes that something is real.
  11. Upgradeable laptop CPUs and GPUs are rare, expensive, and often require significant design sacrifices (since you need modules that are practical to remove). Laptops often have very narrow power and heat envelopes, too, so that shiny new GPU might cook the inside of your laptop or shut it down without warning. Basically: forget about buying a laptop with hardware upgrades in mind, and accept that you'll have to replace the whole thing when it no longer performs as well as you'd like. As for replacement parts... I don't think the high prices are for deterrence, it's that
  12. I don't know why you'd want to get a 4K phone (the Note 10 Plus is 1440p, not 4K) and then try to cram more info into the screen. Unless you have exceptional vision or put the phone a couple of inches from your face, you'd just strain your eyes. I wouldn't say that anything above 1080p is useless on a phone, but 1440p only offers a slight advantage... and Sony's 4K phones are purely about bragging rights. I would only want to go beyond 1440p when there's virtually no performance or battery life penalty, and then only to say that the look is effectively "perfect."
  13. I'd get a basic fitness tracker that does notifications, like Samsung's Galaxy Fit 2 or Fitbit Inspire 2. And definitely avoid Pebble... if you can find a working watch, you're basically living on borrowed time (pardon the pun). You don't want to be forced into an early upgrade because Google/Fitbit shut off the servers.
  14. I'd suggest a cellular-capable iPad, but any regular texts you get will have to be forwarded from an iPhone. Maybe a cellular iPad plus an iPhone SE you leave plugged in at home. With that said, as others have suggested... it sounds like you're asking for a device that doesn't exist right now and possibly won't in the future. A bit like those "laptop advice" threads where someone asks for a $500 machine that will play AAA games and last 20 hours on battery, i.e. it's disconnected from what's actually on the market.
  15. As I recall, though, Apple already does make some iPhones in India. Just not all of them.