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  1. Oh yeah, it wasn't even subtle. Same overall phone aesthetic, to the point where even the icons were decidedly iPhone-like. Samsung already had a bad habit of chasing after the competition before (the BlackJack was its not-so-subtle attempt to ride the BlackBerry bandwagon), but it was blatant. For that matter, I still remember how the original design for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 looked a bit like the original iPad, but was conveniently redesigned in several weeks after the iPad 2 showed up. Samsung clearly got better in the years since, but there are still moments like this where it sh
  2. It's been trying that since 2010! The original Galaxy S was practically conceived as an iPhone knockoff.
  3. My fiancée enjoys my PS5 gaming setup because it lets her cuddle and watch me play (she's not a big gamer herself). Think that's all that matters, really. Also: could we have a gender/sexuality neutral question instead? I understand where the OP is coming from, but it's built on a tacit assumption that someone with an elaborate gaming setup is going to be a hetero male. There are women and LGBTQ gamers with elaborate setups, too!
  4. Commodus


    As Ragnarok said, sharing a link (or at least describing the PC in detail) would be helpful. If you genuinely need a PC, such as for school, you probably won't have to do much to convince your parents — if they have the money, they'll get one. Maybe not that eBay system, but something that fits your needs. You can always ask them what kind of budget they have for a PC and use that to find one they can afford.
  5. It is if you don't need the absolute latest tech, especially if you can get a deal. The iPhone 11 is still fast, takes quality photos, and lasts a long while on battery.
  6. I can't help but wonder if QC and Microsoft have inadvertently nullified some of Windows' advantages, possibly for the long term. Windows' edge has long been its third-party support: more software, more hardware, longer legacy support. But a lot of that goes away with ARM. And that suddenly makes Apple look much better. It has much stronger support for x86 apps, and its greater performance (even with code translation in effect) gets more time to shine. And that's a real problem in the greater scheme of things. Again, I don't think Apple is going to dominate the computin
  7. I'll say this: the new MacBook Pro could easily be my next laptop if the Bloomberg and Kuo rumors hold up. The performance of the existing M1 Macs would already be good enough for my needs, but a 14-inch screen, a faster chip and more ports would make it an easier choice. Hell, if Apple brings the new body to entry MBPs, I might get one of those.
  8. Did Kuo say the high-end MBP models would arrive in 2020? I don't recall as much. That and even accurate supply chain rumors can't rule out delays. I could entirely see MagSafe coming back in a familiar form, just not an exact rehash of what you saw before 2016. Ideally, Apple will have learned what didn't work and refine the system.
  9. That sounds like a good plan to me. If you do have to get a new car in the years ahead, I suspect an EV (or at least a plug-in hybrid) is in order. If you're going to get something complex and not-so-serviceable, you might as well get something eco-friendly and with fewer opportunities for things to break.
  10. Lenovo would definitely be a thorny prospect. Blacklisting Lenovo would take down Motorola, and losing an American business is not a good look. And BBK... well, say goodbye to OnePlus in the US if that happens. Here's hoping that Xiaomi is largely as far as it goes. China does some horrible things that deserve stern action, but a lot of this is more political theatre than a practical response. The country isn't going to spy on Jane or John Q. American through their phones, or even 5G networks; it's far more likely that any spying would target government staff and facili
  11. Not counting on this being a true answer to the M1 based on the description so far. Qualcomm is starting with a disadvantage: Snapdragons in recent years have historically trailed a generation or so behind in performance versus Apple. The 888 is a big step up, but even then I saw that AnandTech had it behind the A14 in GeekBench and GFXBench (not the whole story, but important to know). I wouldn't expect the SC8280 to fare all well against whatever Apple M-series chip is available at the time. I'd add that Qualcomm has the same problem with CPUs that Google does with An
  12. Oh, of course, although Apple thankfully lowered the starting price from before and made the entry level good enough that you don't have to buy more unless you really need the RAM and storage.
  13. Buying a new thing will usually be worse overall for the environment unless it's actively reducing your earlier impact (it'd be hilarious if there were an EV with carbon capture built in). However, the practical reality is that things break down and become obsolete, and if you're going to replace them you might as well get something with a lower environmental footprint. A Mac mini using 39W of max power will be much better than buying a tower using ten times more power. An EV makes more environmental sense than a brand new gas guzzler, at least in areas where low/zero emissions ele
  14. It's gonna be really hard to top the Galaxy S20 FE. There's no question the S21 is more powerful, but a few hundred dollars more powerful? Not necessarily. It's a nice problem for Samsung to have, mind you.
  15. To clarify: Google had already announced its intention to buy Fitbit, it just closed the deal today. This is tentatively good news. Google is getting its ass kicked in wearables, to the point where it can be worth switching away from Android just to get a better smartwatch there's a good reason why Linus wears an Apple Watch, even though his main phone is an Android device). Hopefully Wear OS gets supercharged fitness features and a greater overall rethink. And yes, here's hoping this is more like the Nest deal (where it's generally a fruitful integration) and Fitbit av
  16. It sucks, but it's also amusing how companies sometimes won't even hide that they're just waiting for Apple to tell them what to do (for better or worse). I noticed that Samsung even duped Apple's portrait lighting mode in its updated camera app!
  17. A flat screen is positive in my book. Plastic isn't so hot, but it's also $200 less. If there's a beef, it's that Apple's iPhone 12 has a higher-res (if 60Hz) screen and a glass back at the same price.
  18. Mind you, the S20 wouldn't do 120Hz unless you dropped to 1080p anyway, so I don't know that this is a significant setback in practice.
  19. It's basically the familiar periscope-style lens for the 10X zoom on the S21 Ultra.
  20. As is often the case, Samsung set its embargo for the start of the event... so there's not much reason to watch the event.
  21. I would go with the 15-inch Legion system over the 17-inch system (is it also a Lenovo Legion, or something else?). Everyone thinks they want a 17-inch desktop replacement until they realize they have to carry it. You probably won't be moving around much during the pandemic, but when you can travel you won't want something unwieldy.
  22. I would definitely lean toward ASUS if you're going to get one of the new RTX 30-based systems, although that may be tough. Alternately, you could hunt for a good deal on something like a ROG Zephyrus G14 or G15. The MacBook Air is a great laptop, but it really isn't for gaming. While there are certainly games for it, there aren't nearly as many as there are for Windows. Cyberpunk is a "probably never" for the Mac given that The Witcher 3 still isn't available on the Mac six years later. Get the Air if you want a laptop that's fast for general computing, quiet (yet well-cooled), la
  23. Instead of trying to force your views on others, can you please be helpful? You're not going to make anyone share your belief that updates are largely worthless, so you can at least answer the OP's question. To actually answer the OP: apart from OnePlus, Google is obviously very good about updating Pixel phones in a timely fashion.
  24. I'm curious to see how they stack up against Apple's M1 and future M1x (or whatever it's called) chips. Ryzen 4000 mobile chips were really the only ones in the M1's power class that could compete on speed. I suspect there may well be a performance advantage for AMD in some areas, although Apple execs aren't going to lose sleep over battery life.
  25. You could use a Linux-based phone from companies like F(x)tec, but yeah... getting away from big companies is going to be difficult. You'll make compromises on phone features as a matter of course. (This isn't an endorsement of boycotting big tech, just an acknowledgment that doing so is difficult.)