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    United States
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    [Psychology: Behaviorism] [Psychology:Political (aka; the psychology of Tribalism)] [Psychology: Developmental] [Computers, the science (not a tech) (but also "techs" /the verb)] and All things that cound as Science fiction, anime or interesting experimental art. (like international movies, not like the toilet "USA)
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    My first "hack" i did at 8yo: A Video CD "The Mask" would not play on my computer because the CDROM was too slow - > I learned a HDD was faster and copied to it.
    The first computer I modded was an intel 486_DX4 which i had to learn how to overclock to 120_Mhz to be able to play the first Quake. I knew nothing about computers beforehand.
    I wanted to create an AI
    While researching I discovered I knew very little of what "intelligence" even meant. I then started diving into psychology. I was 19
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    Freelance Tech: Data recovery, Social Scientist and Social networking data scientist


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    AMD 2700x (broken 3x3 downcore@4.7Ghz) (waiting for v3)
  • Motherboard
    Crosshair Hero x470
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    2x8 GS Rip 3.6 cl15, 2x8 GS GS
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    rage pro 4g
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    Thermaltake Core
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    12 drives + samsung evo 970
  • PSU
    Thermaltake the pretty one 750
  • Display(s)
    1080, 1080, acer 4k 32
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    RGB 3x radiator
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    Microsoft Explorer keyboard :)
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    razer Naga 3nity
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    On board
  • Operating System
    Windows "X" (not 10 lol) OSx, Ububtu LTS. Android

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  1. Max the limits when you turn it back on. They tend to lower after the PBO. so - "Copy Current" - then - > nix ram and voltage settings - then - > Turn limits all the way up. APPLY and reboot.
  2. PBO using cores that the CPU tests automatically. So its more selective. However it relies on "proven frequencies and power states" Auto Overclock will go over those "proven" states and try to tune it. This is normal. I set auto overclock and not PBO because AOC includes new PB states.
  3. Kill Explorer.exe in Task manager then "new task" in file menu. Type "explorer" does that work?
  4. I have the Crosshair 8 "VIII" Wifi. (not xiii WTF? lol) This happens to me when my ram is set "goofy" (wrong) Why BEYOND that... no idea. But leave your FCLOCK alone, and let your [DOP: Dynamic Overclocking Profile] set the rest.
  5. WIERD FPS drops are not caused by BAD overclocks because... the CPU will HALT if it forgets what its doing (because the cache is that small) Weirder things happen more rarely but thats not here. You are getting FPS Drops because your GPU is not getting INFORMATION FAST ENOUGH (literally put) This could be the CPU (but i doubt it) This could be the RAM (Maybe but i wouldnt bet on it.) This is probably the DISK you are loading from. (or maybe the ram being too small in the context of all you are running) Short answer... You dont have everything loaded into ram. The OS is p
  6. A Phenom is a Phenom. Not even the chinese can fake that. You would have to do a thermal test to find its limits.
  7. Your RAM is SET WRONG /END DEFAULT the RAM settings and INCREMENT your settings...
  8. 1. Let me congratulate you on having a monitor that supports over 120 HZ... - No? ok... GPU Bottlenecks work like this... CPU = [HAS the Data for WHERE you are looking in 3D Rendering.] [GPU can DRAW that PICTURE] - AND SO = If your CPU can feed the GPU the [PICTURE DATA] fast enough, you get [HIGH FRAMES] - BUT IF YOUR GPU cannot [DRAW] fast enough... you get low frames. - IF YOUR [CPU] cant [PROVIDE] the data for the [GPU] FAST ENOUGH... Then you also get less frames. CPU NEEDS Ram and BUS to feed DATA... or NOT BE a sh** CPU. GPU needs FAST ENOUGH CPU or not be a SH**
  9. Says "Boot" is fuqd up. Well that means it cant find windows. DEL into BIOS and check boot settings. IN THAT WINDOW (of boot settings) WINDOWS BOOT MANAGER will show up in the bottom(ish) Click that and ("Save changes and reboot") when it prompts... test that.
  10. Since no one at LTT can help you, im here... 3x Series of Ryzen has imperfect I-Fabric ("FClock") I had this same issue. After ULTRA-Tweaking, I got 1900 FClock and 3800MHZ stock i got 1800 FCL and 3600MHZ ram. But anything over 3200 on Ryzen 3xxx is a [Gamble] Also XMP Intel is not the same as DOP "Dynamic Overclocking Profile" on RYZEN. Intel doesnt have the intermediary of Infinity Fabric: So they can run higher Ram Speeds and lower latency (Granted Shi**ier core counts and parallel) You have to turn up your FSB N/B Clock Voltage to even possibly achieve better. (like
  11. The raid drivers are wierd, its multiple drivers 1. a raid config driver (console or something) 2. a raid "bottom" (it says raid_bottom) 3. Ive never needed to add a third. but yes the drivers are wierd, cause you have to load a couple before it will "understand" the raid. AND YES you can load... Ah sh** you need to load the 32 bit, because the installer is 32bit... OK I was wrong, now im right. You need to load the 32 bit drivers for the raid.
  12. 1. RGB lights working should be interpreted as: "The motherboard is probably ok... but not certainly." 2. Asus has LEDs Right under where that cooling loop hose is... (picture provided.) 3. This should tell you something... this is in fact the info we would need to continue...
  13. Dead GPU. Overheated and died. Onboard is fallback
  14. There are NO VMWARE tools for MAC OS Unless its on mac and its VMware Fusion. There are gimpy 2d Drivers, but they cant be auto updated.
  15. First = Bios create Raid. 1.) Find x86_64 (not 32) Driver for Raid bottom. 2.) Find driver x86_64 (not 32) for raid config 2 Drivers needed, disk will read as RAID ARRAY 2x(Insert Storage here)