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EVGA RTX 2060 Hot spot / Memory is 15-25 degrees (C) hotter than GPU temp

So I probably should have checked when I purchased the GPU, but the EVGA RTX 2060 KO ULTRA GAMING card seems to have a hotspot that's far hotter than the GPU temp.


At resting, it's at 51 while the GPU temp is at 36. Under load, this increases to 105(!) while the GPU stays at about 80 degrees.


I was wondering what options there were. I have a few new case fans coming in to try and increase airflow, but should I consider repadding the GPU? What thicknesses should I use if I decide to do that?

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Sounds like a repaste is in order 

Community Standards || Tech News Posting Guidelines


CPU: R5 3600 || GPU: GTX 1080 || Memory: 16GB @ 3200 || Cooler: Noctua D15 || PSU: 750W EVGA G2 || Case: Define C

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Re-padding is most likely not necessary, re-pasting should fix the issue. Over time thermal paste dries up and it can cause areas on the die to be improperly covered leading to those hot spot temperatures. 

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Okay, thanks for the advice guys! I'll be sure to repaste and report back. I'm just not sure how to clean the existing paste off. Is it okay to use rubbing alcohol?

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