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Big custom loop case recommendations

Budget (including currency): $350USD

Country: USA

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gta, cod, doom, red dead, various a+ titles. Streaming while running discord. VR

Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc):  Current parts list

CPU: Ryzen 9 3900x 

GPU: Aorus Master 3080

MoBo: Aorus Master X570

Power Supply: Corsair RM750X gold plus

Memory: 32 gig 4x8 gig sticks Trident Neo

Storage: 1 2tb 980 pro gen 4 M.2

6 Samsung 860 2.5 ssd 500 gig

1 plextor pcie 512 gig 

12 Corsair LL120 fans in white


Current water cooling parts list

2 360 se EK slim tripple radiators

2 240 se EK slim dual radiators

1 EK Quantum Kinetic TBE 200 D5 PWM D-RGB Plexi pump/res 

1 EK Quantum Momentum Aorus X570 Master D-RGB Plexi CPU/Motherboard Waterblock 

Using 12/16mm hard line tubing


On order parts

1 EK Quantum Vector Xtreme RTX 3080/3090 D-RGB - Nickel + Plexi

1 EK Quantum Vector Xtreme RTX 3080/3090 Backplate Black


Planned Purchases

1 EK EK Quantum Kinetic TBE 200 D5 PWM D-RGB Plexi pump/res

12/16mm hardline tubing

3-6 Corsair LL120 fans in white

1 ROG Thor 1200W Power Supply or

1 ROG Gundam 800w Power Supply



Needing some recommendations for a big enough case to hold 2 custom loops, one for cpu and one for gpu. I Don't want the radiators to be covered/hidden like in a Tower 900 case. My first choice was a Thermaltake core P7 but they don't make them anymore and I'm not spending $600 to get one. My current thought was the Lian Li O 11 Dynamic XL in white. Only problem is I'm only seeing space for 2 360 rads and 1 240 rad, as well as only space for 1 pump. Does someone who has any experience with this case happen to know? Wanting a white and black theme but I don't mind painting a case if it holds everything. I don't really know much about what cases are actually out there for builds like this. TIA and any tips or guidance is appreciated. 


I'll post pics of my current build that has most of the parts and before I got the 3080 (why I have to get a bigger case). This was my first pc build ever (the bends give it away) and I decided hardline loop was the only way to go lol. Also I know I need to get a legit desk and monitor but this isn't about that haha.


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Maybe look at those phanteks enthoo cases


They are pretty big and have pretty good watercooling support



You may also want to look at the o11d, basically the go to case for watercooling

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The O 11D XL is the case I was thinking about getting. 


I'll have to look into the enthoo line.


Thanks for the reply and recommendation!

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I'll have to check that out. I don't believe I've seen that one yet. If I did I don't remember it.



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