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How safe is it to run NiceHash Miner + lolMiner on my PC? (security wise)

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Safe sure, wise, who knows.

I would not run 2 miners at the same time.

But i've been running the Nicehash miner for couple weeks now, and nothing wrong. No virus nothing.


When i ask for more specs, don't expect me to know the answer!
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50 minutes ago, HKabeyama said:

How safe is it to run NiceHash Miner + lolMiner on my PC? (security wise)

Nicehash isn’t exactly direct mining software.  By running the nicehash app you effectively become an employee of nicehash (sort of) which is the actual miner, technically.  You mine parts of things for nicehash who then pays you based on what you find.  Sort of a broker.  As for safety I haven’t heard of any malware that likes to ride specifically on nicehash installs and I haven’t heard that nicehash rummages through your files looking for data to sell any more than many programs.  That doesn’t keep other people from spoofing their site and attaching their own malware to it of course.  That’s a danger with any download though.  They have other ways to make money off you than selling your data.  If they did so and it was discovered people would stop downloading their app and they wouldn’t actually be able to mine.  As long as they think they can make money using your hardware to mine they’re unlikely to do something like that.  Might they have collected user’s data and NOT sold it merely waiting for a point when etherium is no longer profitable for them and they disappear in a cloud of fluttering paper? Not impossible. Do I trust cryptomining companies to not do something like that though?  No.  AFAIK mining etherium is still profitable.  There is a point it will stop being so though.

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