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  1. Did something leak? Did you spill something on it? How long has it been there?
  2. There is no best. There might be what is best for you. But with such a limited post, we can only guess, and i refuse to.
  3. Oh thats a weird one, not overheating not reaching power-limits. Can you check the advanced power settings? Maybe your max CPU speed is set to 22%.
  4. But let's really think about it tho. Why don't you all demand this from regular TV broadcasts? Yet demand it from way less scrupulous people on YouTube? It comes over very hypocritical to me...
  5. Right click the speaker icon on the right side of the taskbar. Click 'Open Sound Settings'. Click 'Sound Control Panel'. Click 'Recording' tab. See what device is outputting audio, and if not needed, disable it. Or share here so we can look into it further.
  6. Locking the computer will put most of your 'user' files behind a password. They are however not encrypted. For that you can use encryption software, altho keep in mind losing the password means losing the files. If other people are using your computer (wether you want it or not) have a guest (non-admin) account they can use. They wont have access to the other accounts 'user'-files.
  7. Damn im feeling old now. My nostalgia lies with the green and orange monochrome monitors. I had turned on as an 8 year old boy way to long into the night trying all sorts of things. I can remember mucking around in BASIC until like 2 in the am. My dad busting in and shouting i should go to sleep, waking everyone else up ofcourse. Also the 386 era is when i really started being interested in gaming. As in multiple(4+) hours a day. I can remember paying for my first Pentium II (altho it was 2nd hand it was my first).
  8. I would also start looking at the power button, ive seen those fail. And making the PC look broken while it was just the button. And as for the PSU, i would advice removing all power cables, so you test just the PSU. If you bridge the right contacts it should power on and make the fan rotate, being the indication it works. (My guess is that it will turn on since a working PSU was tried.) That the motherboard is dead does not mean others things are also dead, it however doesn't exclude it either. But seeing its only 7months old, there should be a highly likely c
  9. Browsing trough the forum i found this post. I have not checked it out yet, as i've not the time atm. I did however have enough time to search up this topic and post it. Direct link to Github page: https://github.com/mgth/LittleBigMouse
  10. Problem with those things is they work fine if both end are stationary, but as soon as one end is moving, the reception tanks.
  11. Yeah guessing what another thinks is not a smart thing to do, 99% chance you are incorrect. Might not be a tech term but i have a great distaste for it. How about you just ask what someone means if you're not sure. Instead of filling it with your own usually incorrect opinion. (i know its incorrect from experience, im also guilty of this, no one is perfect! )
  12. Im basing this of my 30 years of computer experience and 5 year of computer repair shop employment. (not currently) And watching way to much youtube video's. So im pretty sure about the mediocre results an AIO gives.
  13. Sounds like the motherboard is dead. Can you start the PSU but shorting the green wire with the ground? Also DO NOT turn off the PSU switch at the back if you have not opened up the computer and work on it. The inrush current that fills that capacitors will put a huge drain on your electricals and on the PSU components. (This should however have no result on the motherboard dying or not). Uhm, what am i missing?
  14. Get a better cooler. Like a Scythe Fuma2 or something. This little 120mm AIO is not sufficient. Also why i recommend ANYONE to get a aircooler as most AIOs dont cool any better. It's a huuuuge fallacy that getting an AIO will improve cooling. The fan being a single 120mm matters more than that its a water-cooling thing.
  15. That sound like something you will need to setup in Windows (or whatever OS you use). Sorry, but i think that means there is no advanced option for your model.
  16. Check the CPU per core speed, pretty sure that at least 1 core is at 100%. Thats also a bit warm on both, might want to think about some better case ventilation.
  17. The voltage will vary anyway, its more an indication of where it will be about. (I have 230V on the socket, as soon as i turn on my 3,2kW oven that drops to about 220V-225V.)
  18. You reach the exact same result clicking the start button and starting typing, even backspace works there. Its ugly superfluous and just stupid. But then so am I. But good to know there are people actually using them, as i always turn them off even for client builds/installs.
  19. If you have good sticky tape dont be cheap on that either. And DO NOT use to thin carboard for the box. obviously. Specially take care of the corners, those are usually the first to go.
  20. Good for you, that search bar is the most annoying useless thing ever. You get exact same results when you press the WINKEY and then type what you need. Also going up to 80c-90c will most likely mean your CPU is throttling, thus not working at max speed. So get some air in that case, and make that CPU more happy.
  21. BIOS... The part before Windows loads. Or should've said P.O.S.T. rather, my apologies.
  22. ultra fast boot (if motherboard supports it and all is running well) Only do this last after all is running well, as getting into BIOS with uiltra fast-boot turned on takes a couple extra steps. But the benefit is on my Auros Gaming x470 it takes about 3-5 seconds and then it starts loading Windows. (instead of the 10+ of most mobo's)
  23. ROFL, results in exactly the same product. Hell its the same link, just withouth the tracking info. Must be good stuff then.