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    Computers, internet and RC.
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    Building and fixxing computers for over 30 years.
    But usualy very annoyed by the stupidity of humanity.
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    Computer repair friend.


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    Ryzen 7 3700X
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    Gigabyte Auros X470 Ultra Gaming
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    G.Skill Aegis 16GB (2x 8GB sticks) 16-23-23-53@3200Mhz
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6G
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    Antec 900 (Still awesome!)
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    Samsung 970Evo Plus (250GB) + Crucial MX500 (1TB) + Seagate Barracuda (2TB) + Seagate Expansion (external crap thing) (4TB)
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    Corsair RM750x (2018)
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    Main: Iiyama Prolite PLX2483H - Left: Iiyama PLT2453MTS - right: Iiyama Prolite PLX2483H
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    Scythe Ninja 5 (with liquid metal)
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    Logitech G15 v1 custom lighting
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    Logitech G903 + Logitech Performance MX
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    Built in audio anologue connected to Creative Z-5500 5.1 speakerset.
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    Windows 10
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    Acer Aspire 8930
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    Samsung Note 10+ 512GB

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  1. Selecting an empty partition and clicking next will let the installer do it automagicly. But you will need to select it tho. Yeah having less space then advertised is normal, hard drive manufacturers have been lying to us customers for decades. But its really weird removing the partitions did not work. Can you maybe make a screenshot (or just a picture of the screen) when it gives that error?
  2. Yeah i might have to come back to my statement. Did some checking and while you can make great quality with software encoding. the NEW NVENC comes really damn close. Almost indistinguishable. My apologies for working on old info. 20xx series cards had a well advertised NVENC thing but thats was meh. The 30xx cards NVENC does look pretty good. I do not use a DAW when streaming. But afaik DAW's dont take up to much processing power? (Setting OBS to 6000kbps and lowest encoding preset does work but almost 90%+ utilization)
  3. I would go for the more cores. I have a 3700X And if you want i can screenshot Taskmanager while streaming (OBS) if interested. But i can asure you using OBS with that 3700X on software encoding can get to very high settings, NVidia's NVENC has nothing on it. (as in thats waaay uglier). Please for the love of god don't use NVENC.
  4. Please explain your steps and your hardware in more detail. It sounds like you are trying to install on a partition with unsupported filesystem. On the partition screen, select the one you want to use, then click delete. Then use that empty partition. That should work. Please note this will make all files on said partition unrecoverable.
  5. If you can manage the size X470 Or if you planning on upgrading the CPU X570 Be ballin yo.
  6. I dont think you can combine those things. For good ANC you need microphones that either match or have been calibrated. Setting up the condensor mic correctly and close to the sound source would be way better sounding then any ANC. (but thats just my opinoin).
  7. That kind of info should be in the manual. Since i cannot tell you to RTFM i will look it up for you... Kinda looks like the 2nd M2 port only accepts SATA. I checked the manual and i can very much understand the question. My lord that manual is sofa king useless, its a waste of a pdf. But i gotta say it almost looks as if Asrock went out of their way to make the manual absolutely incomprehendable. edit, wait now im higly confused. According to this manual that board only has 2 M.2 slots. https://download.asrock.com/Manual/B450M Pro4.pdf
  8. 100% this. Because keep in mind, its the MOTHERboard. If something goes disastrously wrong it can kill other components too, a small risk but not one i personally would take.
  9. My apologies, i misunderstood it then. Sounds like we are pretty well agreed on this subject then. Bit of a tangent. This topic wasn't about that. My sincere apologies.
  10. Thats one tiny weak ass space heater they compared to. Most space heaters ive seen START at 1000 Watts. Mine is 2500Watt, and it was cheap. I call bullshit. Edit: indeed a tiny space-heater still 1000W+ im amazed. ( $25 HC-0114T 1000/1500W space heater) That space heater must by highly inefficient.
  11. That peeling, is a trace. Like a wire but on the motherboard. It looks like its not fully connected anymore, and could well be the reason the board doesnt work anymore. But that might not be the only problem, maybe other things have fried you cannot see. And since almost all motherboards have several layered PCB, it can be mighty hard to find out.
  12. ATX and its sizes go back over 20 years. that will not fly with people like me. ATX is ATX. I dont mind making mATX the defacto standard, but lets keep the names what they are. We are not the USB-consortion now are we. And i can tell you, in my personal experience that today we have way less of any standard in that regard then we used to have. Its not hard for a manufacterer to keep within certain tolerances, they just dont want to or dont care. And since people keep buying irregular sized (outside the (m)ATX/ITX sizing) motherboards, manufacturers will keep making them.
  13. I think you need to take that up with the Microsoft Windows customer service.
  14. HDDs if cared for properly can certainly maintain data for over 10 years. (own experience. Can probably go higher but i dont know 1st hand). SSD would need to be powered on every now and then (depending on the memory type) as that can degrade overtime. Im sure someone with more knowledge about that can shed light on that part. And an SSD is an SSD, no matter if SATA or NVME, its just another controller, the memory is essentially the same.
  15. Isnt it wonderful to have a 2nd opinion. Some brands do not need the home button to restart tho. But volume up or down. (I dont even have a home button anymore). So the confusion i can understand, but only a little. As ive worked with many a phone, they all have a different way.