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  1. The entire idea of "Sherlocking" is a bit dubious. "Watson" (note the name) was a plug-in/side piece for Sherlock 2, as in a program that had already evolved to gain more functionality from it's first version. Watson used Sherlock for online searches (IIRC, it's been what, 25+ years? I remember I used it way back in the when)....It's not exactly like the idea of what it was doing wasn't an obvious next step for the main program for it's next version. Hell, should be called "Flashlighting" because an on/off switch for the camera light isn't an evolution of something that
  2. Game that is too low, even at max settings, with windows sound at 100 I need amplificaiton, not relative adjustments.
  3. The sound on my Windows 10 PC is good and loud, in general. Music, games, all play well. I have 1 Game that is too low, even at max settings, with windows sound at 100. I would like to boost the volume (amplify) of JUST that game. Does anyone know of programs that can do this? There are programs like Sound Booster which boost the whole system's sound. It's page makes reference to applications, and I have an email into them asking for clarification if it can do application by application, but so far I have not heard back from them. Boom 3D can amplify and modify individual progr
  4. Wow! I literally had no idea that's how it was made. (I also didn't realize I necro-threaded in my insomina reading )
  5. Going on right now... I'm trying to do several things on my windows pc (use several keyboards, each as a seperate input device; boost sound of a single program, not the whole system) that are perfectly simple to do on my macs, but because !@#!@#$ windows, it's a nightmare.
  6. I wonder why the wafers are made circular....why not just make them rectangular to begin with?
  7. The clone's at the time was where the exciting hardware developments in the Apple world were coming from. I can't remember any details anymore, but I do remember looking at them seriously at the time time when I was looking into getting a new Mac.
  8. This I agree with. A gaming channel I watch has "Sponsered Content" ghosted in the corner of an entire video even when the video is about them playing D&D and the sponsorship is beer they were given to drink. While that may be overdoing, I think overdoing is better than under, ESPECIALLY when the video is about the sponserd product. For the topic itself...I feel they're pretty ethical in their dealings. I'm often critical on the "hows" they do, but not the "why's".
  9. But isn't that also the same time they killed explorer or whatever the thing that was pre-edge? (Explorer, right?). Like I remember a year or so ago, they killed whatever the default thing on win 10 was and made it edge....am i remembering right? (look, don't get me wrong..boo edge, yay firefox, which I'm using right now...I'm just not sure this is the big problem, but whatevs)
  10. Did you ever develop this more? (the github page is 404, but maybe you moved it)
  11. Apple hasn't removed any Unreal using apps. They have terminated Epic's developer account, which seems to me would hamper Epic's ability to..you know..develop Unreal Engine, which would cause difficulties for the people who signed on with Epic. And agin, this is Epic's own doing. They knowingly violated agreements they signed, knowing the potential outcome. Epic has acted in bad faith to it's own clients. It's up to them to make amends. Stop pretending like Epic doesn't have any choice or responibility.
  12. Doesn't Chrome having the greater market share thus show this isn't a problem?
  13. You're comparing apples and oranges....Well actuaally, you're comparing PC's and smart phones. Mac OS, while it has an App Store, is not tied down to it only. You can download programs to your hearts content from anyway and everywhere and use them as you will. (there are security warnings if it's from unverified developers etc, but those are easy to click through or turn off if you know what you're doing, and if you don't know what you're doing, you likely shouldn't be doing it). And I don't even know how you get the idea that "Apple is defended"....for ANYTHING on this foru
  14. For many people that aren't well versed in computers, getting multiple warnings while trying to change the default browser can be enough to make them change their mind While I agree in principal, I can't help wonder how big the population of people who "aren't well versed in computers" and "want to change the defualt browser" is.