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    32GB DDR4 2400
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    Nvidia GeForce 1070 TI 8GB Zotac 1070 ti,
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  1. Hell, I have over a thousand followers on my youtube channel and I don't post anything but the occasional commerical that has a beagle in it....there's like 10 things from a span of 10 or 15 years.
  2. See, this is that bugbear I mentioned. That's a bit on the extreeme side as far as coments go. Though I guess it depends on where the integrity point you're making lays: If it's this game as a sponsor.. I have no problems with it. As he and you said, it's not a scam...just not a really a game, but it's honest about it. We, the marketplaces, has said "we're ok with these things existing." So I don't have any issues with LMG..or the other stuff I watch that have been sponsered by them...taking their ad money. If it's the trying to make claims about trying to draw the ve
  3. See, I agree with your main point, that he has nothing to apologize for...he took a sponsor that fits whatever criteria he has..that's business. The PROBLEM is..he then did do the rather meely mouthed half non apology thing. THAT opens him up to valid criticism. I think @LAwLz is a bit obsessive on this paticular topic, but it's their bugbear to hunt, and none of their points are wrong. People whined about the commercial. Rather than shrugging and rolling around in the money he got, Linus had to try to justify it and came off the worse for doing so.
  4. Just when qualcomm has the answer, Apple changes the question. kidding aside, Movement in this space is a good thing. As @RejZoRsaid, it's the software piece of the puzzle that really needs encouragement, so players in the arm space will only be an encouragement to microsoft. (Though I still think Apple has slipped some M1's to them to encourage them to get some work going).
  5. In the new Short Circuit on Samsung phones, Linus mentions that using slower charging increases the life of the battery. Is that a known, tested, fact? (Like it sounds reasonable, so much it could be a word-of-mouth "known thing", but does the science back that up)?
  6. I've not heard of Raycons....I see they're ear phones....what's the meme/joke I'm missing? I don't think I've seen a LTT ad for them?
  7. again stressing, I only know what was said on like WAN shows, but doesn't/didn't she live in the states, which is why she wasn't really an eployable choice? (I assume she's either moved, or as social media person, she'll be remote..though on the stream linus said she'd be buying hats, so guess she moved.)
  8. Well, to counter your experience, my 13 year old mbp (on right now) has magsafe...the brick died ..i dunno.. 7 years ago? (it was out of warranty at least, so no idea really).. apple store just swapped it for a new one gratis....otherwise, no issues.
  9. Are you confusing the new iphone magsafe stuff with the old macbook magsafe?
  10. well, if it's stuck, shutting down won't hurt it any more? it's either broken or stuck.
  11. I didn't watch the Madison build video, but I thought everyone wanted her hired afterwards?
  12. I'd like to go from .01 to $1mil in a blink of an eye, but, and maybe it's an age thing, I've never quite understood how to even get started with bitcoin etc.. (I usually go down rabbit holes of how blockchain works)
  13. likely come down to what is due to intelegence sources vs what is due to the current administrations personal biases/interests.