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    AMD Ryzen 2600 3.4 GHz
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    32GB DDR4 2400
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    Nvidia GeForce 1070 TI 8GB Zotac 1070 ti,
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    650 Watts Power Supply Thermaltake +80 Bronze Thermaltake PSU

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  1. Activision isn't tradmarking "warzone"...it's Trademarking "Call of Duty: Warzone" which is a distinct thing. Look at @tikker's post above.. the indie guy appears to have started this trying to get money off Activision based on his generic title....possibly hoping for a quick settlement payout.
  2. Remember that this is a DIY community, so it's biased towards that. It's a matter if you WANT to build your own vs not. IF you can get a prebuilt that's what you want for the price you want to spend, from a reputable dealer, go for it. It of course helps if you can do a bit of tinkering if needbe.
  3. oh, shit....I studied all this for my masters degree 25 or so years ago! I used to know this stuff when I was young and hopefull! Sorry..just had a memory shaken loose...you guys go back to arguing on the internet
  4. He''s had 2 different wallet sponsers recently...who knows where he stands on that!
  5. I really liked this video. To be honest, this was the kind of thing I was hoping for when I heard LMG was doing a Mac channel....not what's kind of an alsoran of iJustine, SnazzyLabs, and MKBHD
  6. The main battery isn't in? As in, you took it out and put it in a drawer or it's just no longer working...I was assuming the latter. If it's the former, than that might well be it. On my MB..which is pre-unibody...the battery is removed from the bottom of the case...not inside the system..,,you know, external...been too long since I've seen a unibody to recall how it is.and it's 2am and I'm not googling right now BUT, the Mac is engineered for the battery to be there, even if doesn't hold a charge anymore (mine doesn't). It'll run if I have the battery out...but it has problems
  7. Yeah.. years of hard rockin' have rendered my ears insufficient for this to matter, but it all sounds like a good thing to me.
  8. ...I believe I was adressing @Kisai's point of the hardware not being up for the top levels....nothing Apple can do about that, espcecially non-Apple Hardware. I can send my iTunes thru an old transister radio...doesn't mean it's gonna make better sound.
  9. Not sure what it is...I'm using the MBP from the year before right now... It's not the video problem.. I had that and it got warranty fixed...That's a full you're not seeing anything anymore, not this delay thing. Is the clock correct? It doesn't sound like PRAM battery, again with the delay. Have you set up a boot USB? Done a hardware test...If you can get a hold of the super ones the apple store use to use, those are good to run for the old stuff.
  10. The fancy speakers they sell? Home entertainment systems that have an AppleTV hooked into them?
  11. Probably won't. Apple's really god with messaging, and this "We're protecting your privacy." vs "Please please let us give you ads!" is a really good message for them.
  12. Shame.. Aukey has beena solid brand for me. And of course brands look to manipulate reviews because Amazon uses the reviews for ranking, so anything not a 5 star review might as well be a 0. I left a 4 star review once, and wrote a long review extolling the product, but all the vendor cared about was the stars.
  13. I believe she is considered "bi" Yeah, wasn't her... the doctor character had that feel about her, but the show never explored it iirc. Upthread I posted stuff on the law it is, sticks in lollipops are functional to eating it, so are allowed, while a toy is not. The main part of the law was about drugs needing to be proved safe before being put on the market, so not sure why a bit about candies was tacked on, but I was quoting from just an article about the eggs, not an indepth history of the relevant 100 year old law. shurg you can see a lot of changes like
  14. Sg-1? Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter)? Did she tell her husband of near 30 years? Might you be thinking of Gillian Anderson from X-Files?