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I am using the laptop for 3 months. The exact model of laptop is Ideapad Gaming 3 15AHR05 Type 82EY. Here is the link: https://laptopmedia.com/laptop-specs/lenovo-ideapad-3-15-gaming-82/


When I start windows Wi-Fi connects automatically, but there is no internet connection. I wait for 1 or 2 minutes and problem is solved by itself. Sometimes I go to the troubleshooting in network & internet settings, but it doesn’t speed up the process.  I have used a Ideapad 510 (i5-7200u) before the gaming 3 with same internet networks (in my home and my family home) and I didn’t have a problem like that not even once. I search internet but I could not find something like my problem. Maybe I could not write it in one sentence… Anyone have an idea about that? Maybe Wi-Fi card problems or about processor idk. It is annoying. Windows opens in seconds, but I wait for Wi-Fi. It feels like having an old and slow speed HDD pc.

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