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Keyboard lights up but does not type

Hi. I just got this old computer, it wasn't working, (i posted in a previous thread) and i got it fixed, and now i have encountered a new problem. I have a usb gaming keyboard and a ps2 mouse, i tried to connect it and it light up, but when i attempted to type, it didn't do anything. i plugged in my phone charger to see if the ports were working, all of them work. I plugged the keyboard into my laptop and it works, so the keyboard is not the problem.

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I'm assuming you have the keyboard pluged into a USB port where the PS2 port for the mouse is.

Try plugging it into a regular USB port, those being normally under or around the LAN port and see if anything changes.

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Make sure you're not plugging it into anything but a standard USB, not one that's blue or red.

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I tried to plug in this keyboard into my laptop and it worked. And i tried plugging in a old usb keyboard which i used before i bought this one. It still dosent work in this pc but it works in my laptop, so i think it is a problem on this pc

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