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  1. I tried to plug in this keyboard into my laptop and it worked. And i tried plugging in a old usb keyboard which i used before i bought this one. It still dosent work in this pc but it works in my laptop, so i think it is a problem on this pc
  2. I plugged it in right next to the lan port, it lights up, but still no input. Caps lock and num lock light up.
  3. Hi. I just got this old computer, it wasn't working, (i posted in a previous thread) and i got it fixed, and now i have encountered a new problem. I have a usb gaming keyboard and a ps2 mouse, i tried to connect it and it light up, but when i attempted to type, it didn't do anything. i plugged in my phone charger to see if the ports were working, all of them work. I plugged the keyboard into my laptop and it works, so the keyboard is not the problem.
  4. Ok, so i trouble shooted the thing myself, and i cleaned the ram slots and the ram by blowing into it, and putting it in. Then it got a diffrent beep (1 beep, 3 short) indicating a graphics card erorr. I took out my gpu, did the same to it and the slot, reseated it and it booted flawlessly. I plan to do a lot of things with this pc and i cant wait.
  5. It was a prebuilt and it was never opened before. The motherboard wasnt tested. However, it lights up and the cpu fan is spinning. I have a video of the beeps here: https://youtube.com/shorts/ywjtic0PmhM?feature=share
  6. Hello. I just bought this pc for about 2$ to restore it. This machine is very old (15+ years). I blew out the dust with compressed air and it came with no PSU cables, so i connected it with a diffrent one (not sure if this matter, i think its worth noting). I started it up and it startes beeping. I can provide a video if needed. I reseated the ram and i got the same error. Im pretty sure the ram is fine, its just very old (512 mb ddr1). Power supply is 200-300 watts.