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Internet connection on PCI-E wifi card drops under high GPU load.

Hello, All!

I am running an RTX 2060 super on an Asus Prime B-450 Plus motherboard and recently, whenever I fire up a game or test that pushes the GPU to its limits, my internet connection slowly falters to nothing! after the stress is gone, I often have to restart the system to get the internet working again. I checked all drivers, chipset, wifi card, GPU, bios. it wasn't there, only just recently started happening. any clue on how to fix this aside from power limiting the GPU?

thanks in advance

EDIT: limiting the GPU power doesn't help at all

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1 minute ago, thewill102 said:

Exact specs of your PC?

Ryzen 3600

32 gb @ 3200 ram


Asus prime b450 plus motherboard.

550w corsair vs550

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