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  1. Ryzen 3600 32 gb @ 3200 ram MSI RTX 2060 SUPER OC VENTUS Asus prime b450 plus motherboard. 550w corsair vs550
  2. Hello, All! I am running an RTX 2060 super on an Asus Prime B-450 Plus motherboard and recently, whenever I fire up a game or test that pushes the GPU to its limits, my internet connection slowly falters to nothing! after the stress is gone, I often have to restart the system to get the internet working again. I checked all drivers, chipset, wifi card, GPU, bios. it wasn't there, only just recently started happening. any clue on how to fix this aside from power limiting the GPU? thanks in advance EDIT: limiting the GPU power doesn't help at all
  3. thank you for the high quality reply. very appreciated. the cooler master 212 seems like a very solid pick for now!
  4. Hello guys, I have a ryzen 5 3600 and i am wondering what is a good cooler for it aside form the stock cooler. The stock cooler with stock CPU settings yield me in the high eighties and mid nineties in temps almost instantly and remain at 3.9 GHz (tested on AIDA64, Cinebench R20. and Ryzen Master), I am currently using the stock cooler with a 36 core ratio limit and 0.2 undervolt (all is stable) and i am getting in a 70 peak temps while vid editing. Thank you for your time Edit: My case is the PowerBoost x59 with the front panel removed (almost 16 degree difference in under load on
  5. Hello friends. I have an Asus Prime B450 Plus motherboard and I have installed an NVME SSD. when I plug in an HDD, the load times go way up, and I can tell it tries to work something with the HDD (it doesn't do that if I plug into a connector that shares bandwidth with the NVME). that said, I never found my HDD in the bios, and when it finishes its weird long restart and I got into the disk management, I get this: A device that does not exist was specified. additionally, when it is "seen" there is no info on the Storage or capacity. note: I have plugged in the cables well on both ends. any hel
  6. thank you. i am not the type of person who runs after bleeding edge and ultra @ 4k, just what i need in terms of performance with a bit of headroom for the future! so i am not worried about next gen or even next 4 gens as long as there is no massive jump or my hardware gets damaged. so ddr5 or 4000 series isnt gonna be on my priority list at all! I'd rather on getting a better experience with interface elements such as better keyboard and mouse and monitor than latest and greatest. to clarify, I'm typing this on a windows dual booted 13 inch macbook pro 2015 (first and last mbp lol), on which
  7. so to sum up generally: cpu will be incompatible within 2-3 gens, ram can last to around 6 give or take. gpu is hardly every incompatible, ram lasts a while, and cpu and MB are kind of a together package! did i get this correctly
  8. hmmm. so if i happen to want to upgrade ram/storage/GPU they can be done independently? i would say it is logical that upgrading CPU after 5 years would result in needing to upgrade the MB! EDIT: after upgrading the MB, is there a high chance that my current GPU/RAM would become incompatible?
  9. I see! also, you haven't given me insight on the upgrade down the line, if you have any opinions on that, that is! for i also want to figure if my uncle has a point, or if its just exaggerated due to the older times when components really were that bad with compatibility due to huge jumps in architecture and features and designs in a very short amount of time because of infancy of the whole thing
  10. i understand, thanks. the build is still until summer, now let me hope i find the parts for a decent as stated price and not marked up!
  11. alright, checked the build out and just good too. i would like to know why you chose the reasoning behind going for RTX 2060 over the 1660 as both are 6gb (I'm quite the beginner, trying to learn, sorry if the question is too dumb or basic)? what about the case? Thanks
  12. Budget (including currency): 900-1100 USD Country: Saudi Arabia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: gaming @1080-1440p medium to high settings, general writing, university, and light-medium video editing (not emphasized) Other details parts list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/YzFBJb i've been talking the build with my uncle and he was recommending i beef up my GPU and i said that i wanted to keep it simple and upgrade down the line. that was his reponse and it got me thinking. "This is from my experience for over 15 years Every time we want an upg