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If you buy a cheap case put better fans in the case is the lesson of day.

I have computer that is basically lab machine. When I built the machine I put in case that case $75. The case is actually pretty solid case. Because I record how long my computer run the computer about 2 year of service. If that was contentious service. Well the computer locked up one day. Turns the reason was that 4 of 6 fans had gone bad. One fan had completely locked in place. The other 3 the fans moved however much lower speed then  it should have. The fans always spun full speed. The thing is the fans did not really make any extra noise. The case is cleaned every year. It was cleaned 1st week January and everything was fine.  Well the computer just got 6 NZXT fans.Yes the old fans rgb. But being the machine is treated more as server then all thing else never had rgb on anyway. So the lesson of day is don't be cheap on the fans

For what it worth the hardware is 3700x with asus b450 prime board with 64 GB ram.Seasonic 650w gold power supply, 5tb ssd  and 16 TB Hard drives. Runs ESXI 7 as os. It might be odd choice for mainboard especially with that OS. However it the machine does run problem free for months at time/.

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it really depends, some fans are not good for certain loads.

Some (even more expensive ones) clog up and will start to fail, some only works best in certain directions.

To what fans the case comes with and if there is enough fans in the case.

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Case fans are pretty much basic fans. Without knowing which ones you are particularly talking about, hard to say if they performed as expected or worse. 2 years of 24/7 operation means closer to 10 000h operating time. CoolerMasters most basic fans, so something which could be in OEM PC are rated at 40 000h. Which is peanuts compared to premium fans from Noctua for example coming in with 150 000 h+.


So overall, case fans for normal office/gaming PC are quite enough. Those PCs aren't made for 24/7 operation. So your "conclusion" doesn't really apply.

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I like industrials.. they move a lot of air and they last forever. I’ve been running my fans since 2006 👍🏻

AMD R5 5600X @ PBO +200MHz | Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT/TY-143/AS5

Asus Strix B550-F | 4x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Mix @ 1800MHz 14-14-14-34 1T 1.47v

EVGA GTX 980 Classified @ 1417/1753 | WD SN750 500GB + 1TB, Intel 545S 256

Fractal Design Meshify C | 5x 120x38 Panaflo | Seasonic Prime GX-750 |ZM-MFC2

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