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  1. My guess is when I cleaned the fans dust got hub and killed the fans
  2. I have computer that is basically lab machine. When I built the machine I put in case that case $75. The case is actually pretty solid case. Because I record how long my computer run the computer about 2 year of service. If that was contentious service. Well the computer locked up one day. Turns the reason was that 4 of 6 fans had gone bad. One fan had completely locked in place. The other 3 the fans moved however much lower speed then it should have. The fans always spun full speed. The thing is the fans did not really make any extra noise. The case is cleaned every year. It was cleaned 1st
  3. Got new video card AMD 6900xt /w 5820k. Right now I am testing in my old 5820k retuned the machine. Put new thermal paste. Redid the cpu OC. I have not tired OC the video card yet. This video card final home is going to be in AMD 5600x cpu. However I wanted to benchmark the card in the old rig to see what the difference would be. Good to see this 5820k can still handle it own. I built the machine back on 7/10/2015. Still running all the original parts. I have add Samsung 970 evo 1tb machine. For this run it was running off Samsung 950 evo 250gb. The My id bobjones003-2. I am current number
  4. I just finished watch Hardware unboxed video. I thought it was far to nvidia they did ray tracing video the next day. I actually liked that as they went into more detail. Kept both video around 15-20 minutes.
  5. I am pretty sure I will no longer be recommending Dell computers to Friends and Family that don't buy things from website. I do IT work for local company and buy the computer from Dell, I have really not had a problem with them but I buy most of them website. When I need something built in certain way or I need something by short day we do have our rep. The point of me saying this is I have not had this problem with Dell. However that being side I would not what friends or family go though that experience. The one tidbit is back when intel cpu were hard to buy. They did sell AMD b
  6. I don't block telemetry but do have things block in the host file use spybot. never had alert and I am running windows 10 2003. HarrNyquist Ubuntu has telemetry in as while,. Also Mac os has telemetry as well. Just something to use to.
  7. Asus rog zen 14 Ryzen 4900hs Score R20 4303 R15 score 1914. Impressive laptop. no overclock
  8. You really shouldn't be setting static voltages for Ryzen, if you can with your use case just enable PBO and be done with it. - That what this session was to find static voltage which would would be set 1.285 on the chip. Also from my testing PBO is not as fast as the overclock I have on my chip. The other item to remeber this machine is not running windows as the host os. IT is running ESXI. ESXI would just ran the chip at 3.5 ghz. So if set all core overclock it will run at that speed. Which in this case is 4.2 GHZ. B4Quattro - My guess is that would be safe voltage. As to get my m
  9. When built this machine I believe in November time frame. I set all core overclock of 4.2GHZ. Basically left board full auto. Finally got some time to tune the voltage better. On this system It was running ESXI 7.0. IT has two gpus on AMD rx480 8gb edition and Nvidia 2070 Super(evga). It also setup two run keyboard and 2 mouse. So this machine can run 2 os and run them different screens and be used by 2 device. This machine was setup like and running since November. When the machine on virtualization mode I do not not know the temp of cpu or the voltage. Other then to reboot and go to bios. I
  10. Amd 1600 AF. Finally got the ram working right. Had to force retraining of the ram. Then the ram ran correct at 3200 at XMP decide to overclock the CPU. IT was running AMD wraith cooler(from 3700x). It had max temp of 78c via intel burn test. This test it ran at 72c, Motherboard was ASRock b450 pro
  11. So one my main machine that I use to work and gaming had sound issue on one video cards. Then I put USB card in it that allow me to push each usb port into the machine. The card has 4 USB port. This machine also has two GPU's on it. One the GPU is Nvidia Super 2070(EVGA) and the other GPU is AMD RX 480(XFX 8gb). So the Nvidia card once I hid the image was virtualized works wonderful. However AMD RX 480 had issue with sound dropping every once in while. So this machine has two main images. One image is the Gaming image which is connected to 2070 Super that image has never had any issue. Tha
  12. I am glad that worked. If you feel like tinker little bit see if ram will at higher speed. It still might not ran at the xmp ram speed. I kept bumping my ram speed up each step. I also ended up add more voltage to ram to get run at 2933mhz(This could damage ram. I ran mine at 1.45v) When I did this I still had the XMP ram timing set. When I first tired to do this I did not do this and I could not machine to run stable. As the board would auto select it ram timing lower then XMP. I will add that I was using ASrock board when did this. I am not 100% some the other mainboards that this would
  13. That is lot of Transistors. For what it worth the machine is running Vsphere 7. Both guest image are Windows 10. For mainboard running Msi Prestige x570 Creation, 64 GB DDR 4 3600, 2 1tb sabrient gen 4 nvme ssd, 1 tb Samsung 960 pro, and 4tb western digital green hard drive. Running Corsair 280 mm rad. The computer is driving 3 4k screens and 3 2 screens.
  14. I think it is the high core count cpu plus video cards running at loads
  15. You might what to try to run the ram at 2666mhz. Which all that cpu is rated to ran the ram at then try overclocking the cpu. IF that work see which way it runs better. I have Ryzen 1600af that was had similar issues. I back the ram back to that speed. Then cpu was overclock. Since then I managed to get ram back up to 2933 with xmp timings on ram. I had to push the voltage up on the ram. Ram ddr4 3200.