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what makes you think it's fake? smoking - especially certain self-rolled cigarettes - can leave some nasty dust caked in a PC.


"We're all in this together, might as well be friends" Tom, Toonami.

Sorry if my post seemed rude, that is never my intention.

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Yes, that's definitely real and possible from smoking next to a PC for a few years without cleaning. Even a few months it gets nasty.

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I purchased 5x Noctua NF-A14s from an eBay seller after winning a bid. About a week goes by and the package comes. I opened it up and smelled vape smoke; especially around the cables. Looked at the post and the seller did not mention that and I contacted them about it and they said the fans were used in a computer at his friends house, who vaped. Was able to return them but I had to pay for shipping to send it back. 


Smoking can leave a film over anything. My mother's parents smoked and they had to clean the walls every so often to remove the film that built up on the walls. Just imagine the inside of your computer, and it will be tougher to clean/remove. It'll be very nasty.

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Well, I do smoke at my post but my PC is under the desk (with no carpets).
My keyboard definitely suffers from this but I can tell you my PC is nowhere nearly as dusty as what you see in the video: that crap must have been the result of YEARS of smoking and above all, NOT cleaning the machine.
Every few months I vacuum everything inside and outside and roughly every year I deep clean my system. It's CLEAN, believe me. You only have to take care of it once in a while, and that's all.


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This is very possible.  Though ... I'd guess that this could also be from cooking smoke.  That waxy buildup looks like the kind of thing that comes from a lot of frying of food. 


Suppose the customer here lives in a small 200 ft studio with a kitchenette. They would be sleeping, eating, smoking, and everything else around their computer. 

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