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  1. whichever the game is, you just lost it
  2. basically what I said, but smarter
  3. Dr. K helped me with this, but I'm no master (far from it, actually, I'm still very socially awkward), so I'd recommend watching his stuff, the guy is phenomenal imo but taking baby steps and accepting you won't be good at something you just began doing (talking about random stuff, in this case) are 2 major steps in doing something new/something you're uncomfortable with. don't feel useless because you aren't succeeding, but thankful that you are having a chance to try, becoming better is a matter of time, but you'll suck for a while and that's ok
  4. "never rip'er panties off" - some wise crackhead teaching me a valuable life lesson: never use cocaine
  5. I'd say Amazon's monopoly and lobbying does that way better than I could ever dream of doing I'm never gonna be a billionaire who forces my workers to piss on bottles, why even live?
  6. one of the bads is what it does to the soil, at least the way we're farming it now. can't really comment on human nutrition regarding soy, but as for Asia's consumption for example, China's buys a lot of it's soy from developing countries, such as Brazil, in order to not deplete their own soil and still have soy
  7. it's a fantasy world filled with time/inter dimensional travelling, it's not reality, nor could it ever be done as far as our current understanding of reality goes, so it's bound to have some paradoxes. suspension of disbelief is kinda required when watching these things edit: maybe the Dr. Strange we see now isn't even the same one that was first presented to us, kinda how they have an infinite source of Morty's (Mortys? Morties? Morties'?), but this would be me just throwing random thoughts in the air
  8. please let this be a troll lmao why did I start reading this thread?
  9. 100 years? I'll be dead by then, gold will have 0 value, at least as far as I'm concerned lmao
  10. when my feet get wet and the water came from the bottom of the shoe
  11. if it's sturdy enough to support the weight I don't really see why wouldn't you raise it off the floor, as you said, you'll even get more shelves, and there's nothing better than MORE SHELVES
  12. I think cringing about the past is natural, but we shouldn't stop and turn away from the feeling just cuz it's a bad/weird feeling. After all, these things are in the past, allowing yourself to see and feel the cringe shows that you've grown as a person, that you're now a better artist than you were before, that you only got to where you are, because you were that person in the past. Embrace cringing about your past self! just my 2 cents :)