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    Nvidia MX150 Onboard, 1080 In Enclosure.
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  1. Well they could make a video out of selling these at MSRP. Verifying each person via a Zoom conference or similar. They could also sell them only in person to people in Vancouver who are known to them. They could also be sold at MSRP to employees. So that every employee can have a computer they built, and own, and which makes some GD sense*. Plus if they use it for anything work related it would be like the card is ultimately paying for itself. Like an investment in their company. *The GPU market is hollow right now. There are GPU's to buy at the very hi
  2. Can't help myself. I teach and research for a living. Thanks for the feedback. This is true. Very few games are simply applying Newtons laws and the laws of optics to generate their worlds. Instead they simulate them or approximate the motion. To really apply those laws would mean a computer simultaneously solving many many differential equations. One equation per physical object. However, you do concede that the diminishing returns point does exist even if we aren't close to it? In your opinion. As for the sound card thing. There are physical li
  3. I see your point of view. I wasn't objecting I was just explaining why I thought it was systemtic. If the GPU does not work one has no video out. No video out, no way to use the computer (Unless one has enabled remote access RDP VNC or something).
  4. Yes. I'm sure if I look through usenet I can find a lot of people saying that a separate sound card will "always" be better than on board sound. Like "What we're just gonna make due with PC speaker Baahhh ahahahaha". I don't hate DGPU's. I own a GTX 1080 FE and a GTX 1050. I have them. I love what I can do with them for science. In fact my own work could justify just putting down the money for a Quadro level card. It would allow me to go beyond simply testing out my models to see if they at least don't break the universe to running much more convincing simulations.
  5. This is a good point. In a way they were right. A AMD Ryzen 4700G or even 3400g can give a graphcis performance that blows the doors off of anything from 20 years ago, and which is at least equal to a low end graphics card. Which is all it has to be. IGP's and APU's provide basic display output, acceleration via GPGPU assistance etc. They also have the mos efficient interconnect to the CPU has possible being either on the same die or on the same package. The question is when will good enough be good enough graphically speaking. I mean even the most relatistic game looks li
  6. At least to the point where the cards can be passively cooled. Consider the following. About 20 years ago and really until 2005 or so it was necessary to have a separate sound card in order to have any audio beyond the PC speaker. Then up to about 2010 one needed a sound card to get 5.1 sound or 7.1 sound. Now that is often built into motherboards and is just fine for most people. Sound got to the point where the difference between the best and the midrange was too small for ordinary uses. The day will come when IGP's and APU's are good enough that having a sep
  7. You once did a video about replacing the cooling fans on a GPU. This was several generations of GPU before the 10 series. It might be a good idea to do that with how to replace the fans on the 10 and 20 series cards. Since the 10 series cards are coming up on their designed for life time and will start to fail more often with replacements unavailable and unobtainable.
  8. We can now because a wave of failures of these cards has not occurred yet. While the cooling hardware is easier to produce than the cards. Something tells me that there exist a tiny production line of people producing new coolers for video cards that are 5-6 years old. The stock of replacements we have now would be all there is. With the usual course of action for a broken 6 years old GPU being to simply buy a new one. ... which is not likely to be possible. IF you can find them. You can now because a shortage hasn't hit yet. In May, just a couple of months from now the
  9. Thinking over the GPU shortage and it's effects on the industry last night on a visit to Micro Center it occurred to me that there is a critical issue no one is talking about. Many of us who game or who just use a computer with a good graphics card from the 10 series have had them running 16-24 hours per day for up to 5-6 years now. Some of them bought used after crypto mining. The electronics on the cards are solid state non moving parts. Whiley the can wear out due to thermal stresses, repeated power cycles etc a solid state device will more or less function as long as it ha
  10. The reseller is the issue not Gigabyte. The reseller, or "broker" if you will, is the one with whom they have a contract. They are now either breaching that contract or they have a contract with terms no one should ever agree to. Any reasonable pre order contract would provide for either delivery of the product or a refund after the price has been settled and the contract paid up. One way that a business or professional could manage this situation would be to ... pre order and pre pay a premium price ... for guaranteed delivery of a card at some future date. The broker
  11. Same for aircraft. I read about a decade ago that avionics computers will run on chips that are basically ... a dozen or so 386's implemented in one chip. Thus they can have several processors fail and still be able to get home alive and safe. A lot of avionics computers and automotive computers are like that. If a computer controls everything, and it fails people die. Our PC's are important but no ones life is in their hands in real time.
  12. This is very possible. Though ... I'd guess that this could also be from cooking smoke. That waxy buildup looks like the kind of thing that comes from a lot of frying of food. Suppose the customer here lives in a small 200 ft studio with a kitchenette. They would be sleeping, eating, smoking, and everything else around their computer.
  13. I'm not a lawyer so I'll just give this advice try to hire a lawyer. Keep looking for others who have also dealt with this reseller, or other resellers, and see if you can sue them for breach of contract. A pre-order, at least in the USA, is like a futures contract or a short sale. They agree to sell you100 bushels of oranges for April delivery if you pay for them in January. If they don't have the oranges then they have to buy them on the open market to cover the contract. They pre sold those cards and now they can't cover. They eat the cost you get a card or you get
  14. I agree fully with the bolded. The corporations that make the GPU's have all the power to impose this on the market. I could easily hear someone from Nvidia saying "You can use Ge Force now with your GT 1030 for a GREAT RTX on gaming experience. They'd likely even be correct. That may be the only way one gets to game now. IF they have the internet for it.
  15. If that is all that the parts really available will allow it is either 720p or nothing. An Intel IGP can do that. A AMD APU will do better ... but if you want to build with one they are very rare as well.