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    Gaming, Anime, Pole and Other Exotic Dance
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    Adjunct Professor, Theoretical Astrophysicist


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    Ryzen 3 3200G
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    Asrock X570 ITX TB3
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    Ryzen 3 3200G + GTX 1050
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    Thermaltake Core V1
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    512GB NVME, and 4 512GB SanDisk Sata SSD's in RAID 10
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    4k 60Hz
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    Silverstone AR11
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    Logitech Gaming
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    On Board 7.1 Channel
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    Ubuntu 20.04 Host and Virtualized Windows 10 Pro Guest
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    HP Specter with 1080 FE in enclosure, Surface Pro for Light daily Carry,
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    Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G

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  1. Ryzen 7 5700g performed just below Threadripper 3000 series on the Matlab benchmark.  
    While I have no doubt that the 5800X 5900X or 5950X would do even better it says a lot that on the scientific productivity benchmarks the 5700g runs like a threadripper of a year or two back at worst. 

    The pink bar on the second graph is what the Web version of Matlab generates.  This would in my book make the web version of Matlab good for say, coding files that one intends to run on an actual computer.  Alternatively, it is only really useful for those using a Chromebook or similar thin client.   I do wish that interfacing with a local copy of Matlab could be done via a "web" interface.  This would be the best of all possible worlds as the UI of Matlab is notoriously awful looking on Hi DPI screens. 


  2. A response from Louis Rossmann. An issue that arises in my mind, while listening to this video is this, a company may well not want to be reviewed by anyone working for LTT. Suppose they have to totally rake something from a company the boss, dude with name on building IS the boss no matter what he may say, over the coals. Likewise, they may also unconsciously bias their reviews.
  3. As a major public investor in a company here are some words you need to remember. I do not recall. I Plead the 5th (or its Canadian equivalent). Can I refresh my memory by reviewing my records? I do not recall.
  4. Windows 11 allows the start button on the left. image.thumb.png.09939c363798a2eee74d0db9a6d1804d.png

  5. Just here to say seriously consider the upgrade to TB4. Until I built A computer with it I didn't realize the ability it had to have multiple TB ports on a hub/docking station could also be very useful. Great guide, this is the real solution to a silent and clean setup.
  6. Awesome. I'd wonder about the long term thermal endurance of the computer. Comparing this to my 2017 surface pro which is also fanless isn't totally fair. BUT. It is really fast when it first comes on then TROTTLES hard with sustained use. That is unless it is in a really cool room, or in my car with the AC blowing on it, or placed on a really conductive surface.
  7. Interesting. What might have helped with this would've been having a couple of mirrors. About the size that are used in a foundation makeup compact. Just small hand mirrors. If Linus had one he could use it, and sunlight to make a flashing signal that would've been much more noticeable than him waving his hands around. They show this in a lot of survival TV shows. As for the second one, if Jake had one he may have been able to use it to see through that view finder using it. Never the less you got it done and this is really interesting. Great video.
  8. Quick update. Recieved a new motherboard with their BIOS 2.80 I will eventually, this week or next try making a computer out of it with the old chip the R3 3200g on their website it seems to indicate that this should work. If not then to heck with it. At worst it may not post. All in all Asrock has proven willing to RMA boards in this situation just beware of updating the bios if you have a 3000 series APU.
  9. This is some really impressive ... next level stuff. Every kind of entertainment will eventually have this. Might take decades but it will come to pass.
  10. First the old Mathematica mark


    Now the new one. BEASTLY


  11. This may be a thing that varies from board to board. The repair shop and the local Micro Center CLAIMED that they did that test. When I looked at the computer as I disassembled it, to get my 5700g out the thermal paste well... it looked exactly like what I did. Either I did it like a pro or they did not do the test OR they did the test and this did not work for my board. It is good to see I am not insane and having one more report shows this is a real issue. Is there ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE WHO HAS HAD THIS ISSUE? If there are 2 there have to be thousands. I mean think of
  12. Building a computer I will call the obsidian Overlord using canibalized parts and new parts.  Looking at the cost if I had to buy all of this new right now and OMG.  Almost 4000 dollars.  




    The name is from the CoolerMaster Masterbook NR600P .  Gear Seekers has a great video about it.  

    If I win the lottery or somehow get a MUCH better job I might go ahead and go Threadripper in a case like this.  The 5700g is the threadripper of APU's.  I mean seriously.  It compares well to 1st gen Threaderipper in certain metrics.  

    1.   Show previous replies  2 more
    2. adarw


      49 minutes ago, Uttamattamakin said:

      GPU wise perhaps.  The CPU is a big part of the consideration.  This is getting a 8 C 16T CPU that performs almost as well as first gen threadripper in very threadded task, and single thread would outperform that.  

      I want to run AMD graphics for my Linux Desktop experience.  AMD graphics just do better for it.  Then have Windows in a VM, pass through a Nvidia GPU to the VM.  With Thunderbolt 4 it is even possible that I could do that while keeping my gaming GPU in an enclosure and freeing up a PCI slot for something else OR using a PCI slot for a Nvidia GPU reserved just for CUDA computations (or vice versa whichever is simpler). 

      Gaming on this would be secondary and hopefully temporary though since I look forward to getting my initial build up and running with the 5700g then maybe replacing it with a 5950X, and an AMD DGPU a little ways down the road.  All depends on how many classes I have to teach, how much money I can make. 

      oh cool! wait isnt thunderbolt for intel only?

    3. Uttamattamakin


      On 8/12/2021 at 1:41 AM, adarw said:

      oh cool! wait isnt thunderbolt for intel only?

      Not really.  There are a FEW Mobo's with it built in.  For my money Thunderbolt is worth sacrificing use of some internal expansion. 

    4. adarw


      1 hour ago, Uttamattamakin said:

      Not really.  There are a FEW Mobo's with it built in.  For my money Thunderbolt is worth sacrificing use of some internal expansion. 

      oh cool thanks!

  13. Asrock wrote as if it was Picasso specific. Supposedly Renoir would work. Which leads to the question why does their website have specific instructions for Picasso? Anyway. After working with MicroCenter to get the CPU swapped out it seems that the motherboard is the issue. The chip worked in another board and this board did not work with a known working chip. So back to Asrock it goes. I will be building a new computer though. A much more of a workstation computer. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zQghbh Basically short of going full HEDT Maybe if there is a Threadripper 7
  14. UPDATE Asrock is RMA'ing this board but there seems to be a bigger issue at play. It seems that most x570 boards require a bios flash to be compatible with Ryzen 5000. For those buying now most stores will for a small fee do that for you. BUT if you already have a computer built you basically cannot do it with your 3400g or 3200g IF what Asrock has told me is right. I am lucky this is happening just as I have the money to be able to either buy a prebuilt OR build my own. The stimulus money build was on the small side, just one PCI E slot but it had TB3. So I just
  15. Yeah but ... I want to see how they respond by say Monday or Tuesday. That's only fair. How they respond to this will dictate what kind of story it is. I raised the possibility of them cross shipping me a working motherboard or of the same still current model with a fully upgraded bios. That said if they are willing to expedite this and get it back to me by Wednesday. That's one story. If their corporate attitude is screw you non social media influencer. You followed the procedure given on our website and it didn't work ... you should've known better than to think we know