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Lumion instant black screen on rendering

I use Lumion 3d rendering software for my college work, I never faced this problem on my earlier GT640 but that card used to take ages to render, Recently i got an AMD RX580 MSI armored edition 8gb, Problem that i face is

opening and running lumion works fine, But as soon as i click on render the screen goes black and gpu fans ramp up to 100%, with so sign on activity going on.

GPU temps are under 70 before clicking render and even after stress testing the gpu i havent faced any instability, got score of 1.45k on heaven benchmark
can anyone help me with this ?

thanks in advanced

i5- 7400 with cooler master hyper 212 led

8gb 3000 mhz ddr4 ram (corsair vengence)

Cooler master 700watt power supply

MSI rx 580

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