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Intel SapphireRapids LGA4677-X Processor

Hey guys, what do you think of this processor.



intel 4th Gen Xeon Processor

 Code name:

Sapphire Rapids

 Q-sepc code: QVV5

 Frequency: 1.30GHz

(normal value of early samples)

 Socket: LGA4677-X1FF44400-BC32-4CC6-8A94-08BDEED6CE80.thumb.jpeg.0a66cb575e8108289a4eb62db57ec1ab.jpeg

 Version: ES0 late/ES1

 Internal heat conduction: brazing

 Multi-element: Yes

(MAX up to 4 HBM + 4 Core)

Process technology:10nm+++ ESF

 New application support for main hardware:

DDR5 RAM / PCIe 5.0 / onboard HBM

「This one of mine may be a low-end model without HBM inside and I found an FPGA chip in this processor」



Its core is very similar to the Microsoft logo.




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2 hours ago, YuuKi-AnS said:

Hey guys, what do you think of this processor.

I find it interesting as an indication of where Intel are going in the near future, even if most people here will be more interested in what Intel does in the consumer products.


I did see this on other sites so posted a thread about it earlier:


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