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Canon SX1 IS remote and audio problems


I have got a Canon Powershot SX1 IS camera, which I intend to use for recording some videos from my desk. Only thing is i've encountered some problems that I was people the LTT community could help me with.


1. Firstly when I was given the camera, I didn't receive a wireless remote with, and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get one. I so can it be used to start recording video or just take stills, because at the moment the only way to start recording is to press a button just above the LCD, which is very awkward when the camera is facing me.


2. The audio quality of the on-board mics are quite bad. So I was looking at something like this, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Omnidirectional-Condenser-Microphone-600-Ohm/dp/B000KEEZH0/ref=pd_cp_MI_0#productDetails

however if you can suggest a better mic for under £20 (UK only please) for recording commentaries and voice overs, then let me know. Or if there is a mic which can be plugged directly into the camera that would be better


3. I will probably have to record the audio using my computer, because there is no mic in on the camera (as far as I know), what would be the easiest way to start recording both audio and video at the time, to perfectly sync the two





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For the remote, I don't know maybe a local store or something, maybe directly from canon?

As for the mic, if you don't mind having a cord hanging from you a lavalier mic would be perfect.

To sync your audio to the video start recording both audio and video from the camera and from the pc. Clap before you start your commentary and you can easy sync both audio recording by looking at your audio waves in your editor. Or by lining up the sound of the clap with the frame that your hands are together.

Just like this a164b234b2c5c9882c9c8a363ba35f4d.png

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