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4K Short movie project HDD / SSD advice

I hope this is the right forum to post this in. If this is not the intended place for this type of question, please excuse me.

I am currently working on a personal short film project. The movie is being shot in 4K prores for the mostpart en Black magic RAW for some shots that wil have heavy special effects work.

All of the footage is being shot with the BMPC 4K on 1TB Samsung T5 drives. 

For now I am backing everything up on a simple WD elements external drive, but this is far from ideal. 
For one thing, it is too slow to allow smooth editing in premiere. Prores by itself in the timeline is fine, but when combined with different audio tracks from external mics it completely lags.


So what I need is some advice on a cost effective sollution for this. Are there internal drives with a high capacity (I expect the final project to take up about 6 to 8 terrabytes), which are also fast enough to edit of of? 

It can be an internal drive because al of the editing and post production will be done one one computer. 

Or, is there a way to daisychain T5 drives into one drive and use that for the edit (they are more than fast enough)?
I could use the actual drives that I recorded on for the edit an back up the project on a cheap but large drive that would only be used as an archive. 
This might end up being more expensive the end though. 

Or maybe there are other sollutions I should consider? 


Thanks for the help / tips!




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